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Dharma Talks

A Dharma talk is a teaching on Buddhism by a Buddhist teacher. Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh tells us: "A Dharma talk must always be appropriate in two ways: it must accord perfectly with the spirit of the Dharma and it must also respond perfectly to the situation in which it is given. If it only corresponds perfectly with the teachings but does not meet the needs of the listeners, it's not a good Dharma talk; it's not appropriate."

We are fortunate to have many wonderful recorded Dharma talks from our teacher Fred Eppsteiner, available both on YouTube (2013 forward) and on audio. On these "Dharma Talks" pages, all talks (both individual topics as well as talk series) are listed chronologically from newest to oldest. As well, each is coded based on which of the three paths of practice (described in the FCM Study & Practice Guide) it most closely relates to. An introductory talk from Fred about the Guide can be found using this link

Fred has offered many series of talks on a wide range of Buddhist topics, such as the Anapanasati Sutra, Shantideva's teachings on the Path of the Bodhisattva, the life of Milarepa, teachings from Zen Master Lin Chi, and many more. Please click here to visit the Dharma Talk Series page where you'll find a listing by topic of all series talks.

A separate menu of Guided Meditations and Q&As is also available.

Audio talks may be saved to your computer: Right-Click on the title and choose "Save As" on a PC, or Control-Click on a Mac. 

If you find this talk of benefit, please consider making a donation to support us so that we can continue to offer these recordings freely.

 Talk Title   Speaker  Date  Path of Practice
Our Hidden Stories: Understanding the Impact of the Storehouse Consciousness Fred Eppsteiner Jun 2019


 What is the 'Single Purpose' of All Dharma Teachings? Fred Eppsteiner Jun 2019 D
Essential Mind Practices of a Bodhisattva  Fred Eppsteiner  Apr 2019 D
 The Lojong Slogans on Absolute BodhicittaFred Eppsteiner  Apr 2019 D
Finding Your Edge with Lovingkindness Practice   Fred Eppsteiner  Mar 2019  D

Mind Training: How to Use the Thinking Mind to Support Your Transformation

(Jan 2019) (Series)

 Fred Eppsteiner  Jan 2019  D
A Buddhist Understanding of Our Times: The Six Realms of Existence  Fred Eppsteiner  Jan 2019  D
Dogen's Pith Teaching on Becoming a Buddha  Fred Eppsteiner  Jan 2019  D
Zen Master Bankei and the Unborn Buddha Mind  Fred Eppsteiner  Jan 2019  D
The Dharma of Scrooge 2018  Fred Eppsteiner  Dec 2018  D
The Meaning of Reciting the Names of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas  Fred Eppsteiner   Dec 2018  D
Discourse on the Four Kinds of Nutriments: Consciousness  Fred Eppsteiner  Dec 2018  D
The Three Doors of Liberation  Fred Eppsteiner  Nov 2018  D
Stabilizing the Restless Mind 1 of 4  Fred Eppsteiner  Oct 2018  D
Stabilizing the Restless Mind 2 of 4  Fred Eppsteiner   Oct 2018  D
Stabilizing the Restless Mind 3 of 4  Fred Eppsteiner   Oct 2018  D
Stabilizing the Restless Mind 4 of 4  Fred Eppsteiner  Oct 2018  D
Acknowledging and Transforming Boredom With Mindfulness  Fred Eppsteiner  Oct 2018  D
Discourse on the Four Kinds of Nutriments: Volition  Fred Eppsteiner  Oct 2018  D
Acknowledging and Transforming Boredom with Mindfulness  Fred Eppsteiner  Oct 2018  D
Ancient Wisdom for Contemporary Issues: The Hua Ho Ching   Fred Eppsteiner  Oct 2018  D
No Time Off: All Sensory Consumption Leaves Mind Impressions  Fred Eppsteiner  Sep 2018  D
Discourse on the Four Kinds of Nutriments: Sense Impressions  Fred Eppsteiner   Aug 2018  D
Dwelling Happily in the Present Moment  Fred Eppsteiner  Aug 2018  M
Gampopa's Eleven Pieces of Important Advice Not to Be Rejected  Fred Eppsteiner  July 2018  W
Practice at a Wisdom Retreat: Shabkar's Flight of the Garuda  Fred Eppsteiner  July 2018   W 
Discourse on the Four Kinds of Nutriments: Edible Foods Fred Eppsteiner  May 2018  D
Gyalse Togme Zangpo: Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva (2017/2018) (Series)
Fred Eppsteiner  Apr 2018  D
Easily Cleaning the Lens of Distorted Thinking: Mipham's Wheel of Analysis and Meditation
Fred Eppsteiner  Apr 2018  D

Stepping Out From the Confines of Our Conditioning

Fred Eppsteiner  Mar 2018  D

Ending the Self's War with Reality

Fred Eppsteiner  Mar 2018  D

Buddhist Ethics and Transforming One's Karma

Fred Eppsteiner  Jan 2018   D

Non-Self: Deconstructing the World of Self (Jan 2018) (Series)

Fred Eppsteiner
 Jan 2018   D

The Dharma of Scrooge 2017

Fred Eppsteiner  Dec 2017  D 
Shanideva: The Bodhisattva Path (2017) (Series)
Fred Eppsteiner  Dec 2017  D
Practicing Dharma in the World "As It Is"
Fred Eppsteiner  Nov 2017  D
Buddhist Wisdom for Unstable Times  Fred Eppsteiner  Oct 2017  D
Zen Masters: Teachings of the Zen Masters (Fall 2017) (Series)
 Fred Eppsteiner  Oct 2017  W
Introduction to Yogacara and the Transformation of Mind  Fred Eppsteiner  Aug 2017  D
Mindfulness as the Basis for Healing, Transformation and Unconditional Love  Fred Eppsteiner  July 2017  D
Fred talks about FCM's 3 Paths of Practice and Answers Questions from the Audience  Fred Eppsteiner  July 2017  D
Stopping the On-going Flow of Delusion: Pause, Stop, Retreat  Fred Eppsteiner  July 2017  D
The Essential Instruction: Watch Your Mind  Fred Eppsteiner  June 2017  D
The Meaning and Practice of Interbeing/Tiep Hien  Fred Eppsteiner  May 2017  D
Six Paramitas: Overcoming Anger and Cultivating a Mind of Patience and Acceptance (Apr 2017) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Apr 2017  D
Rejecting Reacitvity: Clarity and Insight as the Path Forward  Fred Eppsteiner  Feb 2017  D
A Mind of Goodness or a Mind of Negativity: It's Up to You!  Fred Eppsteiner  Jan 2017  D 
Mindfulness of the Mind: Wholesome and Unwholesome Mind-States  Fred Eppsteiner  Dec 2016  ML
The Dharma of Scrooge (2016)  Fred Eppsteiner  Dec 2016  D
A Vision to Share: Our Community's Mission and Core Values  Fred Eppsteiner  Dec 2016  D
"Loving Speech and Deep Listening," A Panel Discussion on the 4th Mindfulness Training  Fred Eppsteiner  Nov 2016  ML
Dharma Teachings for Post-Election Practice  Fred Eppsteiner  Nov 2016  D
Cultivating a Calm Mind Through our Actions  Fred Eppsteiner  Oct 2016  ML
Zen and Great Perfection Masters: Key Points of the Path of Awakening (Oct 2016) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Oct 2016  W
The Five Mindfulness Trainings, Values, and the 2016 Election  Fred Eppsteiner  Oct 2016  D
Secular Mindfulness vs. Buddhist Mindfulness  Fred Eppsteiner  Sept 2016  ML
Suffering is Created by our Innerworld, not the Outerworld  Fred Eppsteiner  Aug 2016  D
The Forty Tenets of Plum Village Teachings  Fred Eppsteiner  July 2016  D
Plum Village Visit  Fred Eppsteiner  July 2016  D
Lojong Trainings  Fred Eppsteiner  May 2016  D 
Taking Refuge  Fred Eppsteiner  May 2016  D
FCM 2016 Spring Retreat: I Am Here For You - Living An Altruistic Life  Fred Eppsteiner  Apr 2016   D
Siddhartha's Awakening  Fred Eppsteiner  Feb 2016  D
Seven Verses of Mind Training (Jan 2016) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Jan 2016  D
The Dharma of Scrooge  Fred Eppsteiner  Dec 2015  D 
Sumpa Lotsawa's Ear-Whispered Mind Training  Fred Eppsteiner  Dec 2015  D
Dharma as Medicine  Fred Eppsteiner  Dec 2015  D
Practicing the Seven Points of Mind Trainings  Fred Eppsteiner  Oct 2015  D
The Value of Retreat  Fred Eppsteiner  Oct 2015  D
Emotional Healing: Composting Fear into Fearlessness (Sep 2015) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Sep 2015  D
Death: The Elephant in the Living Room  Fred Eppsteiner  Aug 2015  ML
Taking Refuge The Venerable Geshe Thupten Phelgye  Aug 2015  D
Teachings of Chinese Zen Master Hsu Yun  Fred Eppsteiner  Aug 2015  D
True Independence  Fred Eppsteiner  July 2015  D
Unfettering the Natural Mind: The Path of Clear Seeing (Part 3, Jun 2015) (Series)   Fred Eppsteiner  June 2015  W
Zen Master Linji (Jun/Jul 2015) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  June 2015  D
Verses on Happiness  Fred Eppsteiner  May 2015  D
The True Meaning of Living in the Present Moment  Fred Eppsteiner  Apr 2015  D
The Metta Song  Fred Eppsteiner  Mar 2015  ML
Selfless Service  Fred Eppsteiner  Mar 2015  ML
The Path to Wholeness (Using Zen Master Shitou's Song of the Grass Roof Hut)
(Jan 2015) (Series)
 Fred Eppsteiner  Jan 2015  W
The Dharma of Scrooge  Fred Eppsteiner  Dec 2014  ML
Core Values of FCM  Fred Eppsteiner  Dec 2014  ML
The Practice of Gratitude  Fred Eppsteiner  Nov 2014  ML
Taking Your Practice to Work  Fred Eppsteiner  Nov 2014  ML
Great Perfection: The Path to Wholeness (Oct 2014) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Oct 2014  W
The True Meaning of Mindfulness  Fred Eppsteiner  Oct 2014  D 
Vegetarianism and Doing No Harm  Fred Eppsteiner  Sep 2014  ML
Buddhism and the March to War: Practicing Non-violence  Fred Eppsteiner  Sep 2014  ML
Seven Factors of Awakening (Aug/Sep 2014) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Aug 2014  D
Right Speech  Fred Eppsteiner  Aug 2014  D
Pith Zen Teachings  Fred Eppsteiner  July 2014  D
Let Go or Be Dragged  Fred Eppsteiner  July 2014  D
The Answer from the Bird's Nest Monk  Fred Eppsteiner  June 2014  D
Unfettering the Natural Mind: The Path of Clear Seeing (Part 2, Jun 2014) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  June 2014  W
Creating Peace in Ourselves and in the World  Fred Eppsteiner  May 2014  D
The Path of Dharma: Seeing Clearly  Fred Eppsteiner  May 2014  D
The Three Marks of Existence: No Self  Fred Eppsteiner  May 2014  D
Why Take Refuge: The Three Refuges and the Five Mindfulness Trainings  Fred Eppsteiner  Mar 2014  D
Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings of Plum Village Tradition (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Mar 2014  D
Right View: Seeing life with Clarity and Intelllgence (Feb 2014) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Feb 2014  D
Personal Transformation and the Transformation of Others: Non-Duality in Action  Fred Eppsteiner  Jan 2014  ML
The Dharma of Scrooge  Fred Eppsteiner  Dec 2013  ML
Satipatthana Sutra: Becoming Intimate with Life through Moment-to-Moment Mindfulness (Oct 2013) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Oct 2013  ML
The Key Point of Practice: Mastering the Fundamentals (2013/2014) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Oct 2013  ML
Patrul Rinpoche: Advice from Me to Myself (Aug/Sep 2013)  Fred Eppsteiner  Aug 2013  ML

How Can I Energize My Practice

 Fred Eppsteiner  Aug 2013  ML
The Importance of Aspiration and Intention In Living a Meaningful Life  Fred Eppsteiner  July 2013  ML
Ruth Eppsteiner Shares Her Practice  Ruth Eppsteiner  July 2013  ML
Unfettering the Natural Mind: The Path of Clear Seeing (Part 1, Jun 2013) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  June 2013  W
Work Meditation as a Transformative Practice  Fred Eppsteiner  May 2013  ML
Emotional Healing: Composting Emotional Afflictions Into the Soil of Wellbeing (Apr 2013) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Apr 2013  ML
The True Meaning of Generosity  Fred Eppsteiner  Apr 2013  D
The Six Realms of Existence and the Power of Conditioning  Fred Eppsteiner  Mar 2013  D
The Four Immeasurables  Fred Eppsteiner  Mar 2013  D
Grow Up, Get Real, Connect with Life  Fred Eppsteiner  Mar 2013  ML
Building a Spiritual Community  Fred Eppsteiner  Feb 2013   ML
Non-Self: Deconstructing the World of Self (Jan 2013) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Jan 2013  D
Dickens: A Christmas Carol as Dharma  Fred Eppsteiner  Dec 2012  ML
Interbeing (Nov/Dec 2012) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Nov 2012  ML
Milarepa: The Life and Teachings (Oct 2012) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Oct 2012  D
Verses from the Dhammapada on Violence and the Heart  Fred Eppsteiner  Sep 2012  D
The Teachings of the Buddha  Fred Eppsteiner  Aug 2012  D
Verses on the Faith Mind (Jun 2012) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Jun 2012  W
A Guide to Buddhist Practice at FCM  Fred Eppsteiner  May 2012  ML
Mindfulness of Unfolding Events  Fred Eppsteiner  May 2012  ML
Lojong: Exchanging Self and Other  Fred Eppsteiner  May 2012  D
Taking Care of Difficult Emotion  Fred Eppsteiner  Mar 2012  ML
Four Noble Truths: Taking Care of Personal Suffering (Mar 2012) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Mar 2012  ML
Thich Nhat Hanh: Pith Teachings (2012) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Mar 2012  ML

Shantideva on "Patience"

 Fred Eppsteiner  Feb 2012  D
Bodhisattva Path: Four Point Mind Training and Eight Verses for Training the Mind (Jan 2012) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Jan 2012  D
Thanksgiving and Lovingkindness  Fred Eppsteiner  Nov 2011  ML
Zen Master Bankei: Accessing the Unborn Buddha Mind (Oct 2011) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Oct 2011  W
Lojong: The Great Path of Awakening  Fred Eppsteiner  Sep 2011  D
Lojong: All Dharma has One Purpose  Fred Eppsteiner  Aug 2011  D
The Elder Discourse from "Chanting from the Heart"  Fred Eppsteiner 2011  D
Mindfulness of Thoughts and Mental Formation  Fred Eppsteiner  July 2011  ML
Depression and Meditation  Fred Eppsteiner  July 2011  ML
Mindfulness and Lovingkindness in Daily Life  Fred Eppsteiner July  2011  ML
Mindfulness, Helping Others and the Willingness to Change  Fred Eppsteiner  June 2011 ML 
Intention in Practice: Mahayana and Hinayana  Fred Eppsteiner Apr 2011  D

Letter from a Zen Master

 Fred Eppsteiner Apr 2011 
Padma Karpo's Precious Sun (Feb/Mar 2011) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Feb 2011  D
Mindfulness as an Island of Refuge  Fred Eppsteiner  Feb 2011  ML
The Power of Sangha & Connection  Fred Eppsteiner  Jan 2011  ML
Insight Practice: The Buddhist Meditative Practices of Direct Investigation (Jan 2011) (Seies)  Fred Eppsteiner  Jan 2011  D
The Radical Act of Doing Nothing  Fred Eppsteiner  Dec 2010  ML
Zen Master Lin Chi Teachings (Dec 2010) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Dec 2010  W
Zen Master Ta Hui: Swampland Flowers (Oct/Nov 2010) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Oct 2010  W
Being an Island Unto Oneself: The Path of Unshakeable Refuge (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Oct 2010
Zen Master Hsu Yun (Empty Cloud) Teachings (2010) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Aug 2010  W
Happiness  Fred Eppsteiner  Aug 2010  ML
The Practice of Sangha  Fred Eppsteiner  Aug 2010  ML
Lovingkindness  Fred Eppsteiner  July 2010 ML 
Zen  Fred Eppsteiner  July 2010  W
Letting Go  Fred Eppsteiner  Apr 2010  ML
Suffering & Forgiveness  Fred Eppsteiner  2010  ML
Meeting Suffering in Ourselves and Others  Fred Eppsteiner  2010 ML 
Zen Master Han Shan (2010) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  2010  W
Anapanasati Sutra: Full Awareness of the Breath (2009/2010) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  Oct 2009  D
Healing and Transformation  Fred Eppsteiner  Sep 2009  ML
Cultivating a Grounded Mind  Fred Eppsteiner  Sep 2009  ML
Four Nutriments (2009) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  2009  D
Vimilakirti Sutra (2009/2010/2011) (Series)  Fred Eppsteiner  2009  W
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