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FCM offers a series of Mindful Living foundational classes designed to help participants learn and integrate mindfulness for greater wellbeing in their lives. These classes range from introductory mindfulness and meditation workshops to specialized topics such as mindfulness and relationships, stress reduction, working with difficult emotions, and changing negative habits.

FCM also offers a series of Dharma Path classes for participants who are familiar with the foundational practices of the with Mindful Living Path and who are interested in learning more about Buddhism and a spiritual path. Some of these classes may be suitable for newer participants as well; please explore the class descriptions to learn more.


A listing of FCM's classes follows; please check the calendar that follows this listing for a schedule of upcoming classes.


  The Mindful Living Path
For new practitioners and, as foundational practices, suitable for practitioners of all levels.

Getting Unstuck: Transforming Unwholesome Habit Energy
A Daylong Workshop

Often with the best of intentions, we still find our life driven by unwholesome habits that lead to unhealthy choices, self-sabotaging behaviors, and emotional pain. We experience our inner life as a constant struggle between our desire to lead a conscious life of well-being and our habit energies that unconsciously lead us in the opposite directions. This full day workshop presents the powerful tools of mindfulness and meditation to facilitate greater self-awareness, freedom, from negative emotional patterns, and the development of a broad repertoire of healthy and life-affirming habit energies.

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Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation
A Four-Week Class

Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation is a four-week course designed to support the practice of mindfulness, helping us develop the skills and attention to be fully present to our lives in the present moment, and to touch each moment deeply. It is intended for those new to mindfulness and meditation, as well as for those who want to review the basics and establish a more consistent daily mindfulness and meditation practice. The course includes basic instruction as well as an exploration of practical ways to bring mindfulness into daily activities.

Leaving Stress Behind: A Mindful Approach to Living with Ease
A Half-Day Workshop
Many of us move through our lives thinking and worrying about things that haven’t happened and that probably never will. Thoughts of losing a job, a loved one, our health, our status, or more – all have the power to hijack our happiness by creating fear and taking us out of the miracle of simply living in the present moment. In this workshop we will look at the difference between stress and pressure, explore the harmful physiological effects of long-term stress, and discover how we can use mindfulness to clearly see and understand the underlying causes of stress, change habits, and stop being swept away by the variances of life.

Mind Your Anger: Loosening the Knots of Anger through Mindfulness Practice
A Daylong Workshop

The afflictive emotion of anger – including the range of emotions from low level irritation, frustration, resentment and jealousy to full blown rage – is one of the most destructive forces we face as human beings. Buddhist psychology offers much wisdom for working skillfully to transform anger through the practices of mindfulness and the cultivation of understanding and patience. This workshop shares this wisdom through instruction, reflections, and practice opportunities that will help participants learn and begin to integrate the fundamental principles essential for loosening the knots of anger.

Mindful Eating
A Four-Week Class

This four-week series addresses common dilemmas we face with food. We all must eat to survive, but the way many of us eat causes us much suffering. In this class we apply a new approach to eating by applying mindfulness to our aspirations, choices and experiences with food. We become aware of strong habit energies that sabotage our efforts, and set clear intentions to support the development of new habits. Using behavioral strategies and learning how to be more understanding, patient, and compassionate toward ourselves, we gain a personal understanding of what it means to be mindful about eating. Participants will leave the class with a blueprint for a healthier and happier relationship with food. The class includes homework, interactive discussion and exercises, using the book "Mindful Eating" by Jan Chozen Bays as our text.

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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
An Eight-Week Class (25 CEU's)

Wellbeing - living from a place of ease, openness, and contentment - is our birthright. Yet many of us instead more commonly experience stress, anxiety, irritation, and other types of "dis-ease" in our everyday lives. Our 8-week MBSR program, developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, helps you learn how to take better care of yourself and more fully experience wellbeing. During the course of the program, we will explore the interplay of mind and body through weekly experiential classes and daily home practice in a safe, supportive, and deeply engaging learning environment. In the MBSR program you will learn to access and cultivate your natural capacity to actively engage in caring for yourself and find greater balance, ease, and peace of mind.

Mindful Communication
A Daylong Workshop

The quality of virtually every relationship in our lives is greatly influenced by how skillfully we listen and speak. For many of us, mindful communication can be a challenge as well as a source of suffering for ourselves and others. Leaning to listen and speak wisely can greatly enrich and bring healing to all of our relationships. In this workshop participants will cultivate speaking and listening with presence and caring, incorporating the following six guidelines of ATTUNE. The workshop will include meditations, instruction, and practice opportunities through interactive exercises.

Relationship as a Path of Healing and Transformation
A Daylong Workshop

Creating consistent harmonious, caring, emotionally mature, and loving relationships seems to be a chronic problem for many, and are even viewed as an obstacle or diversion from real spiritual healing and transformation. This workshop presents an opposing view. Rather than an obstacle to spiritual growth, relationship is shown to be a remarkably coherent path to developing all the positive emotions and mind states that spiritual and meditative practice promise. Relationship is perhaps one of the most direct and experiential means to developing a truly awakened and selfless life. Theoretical and psychological presentations, mindfulness practice, and guided experiential meditations are all utilized during the workshop.

  The Dharma Path
For practitioners familiar with the foundational practices of the Mindful Living Path who are interested in learning more about Buddhism and a spiritual path.

Buddhism: The Basics
A Six-Week Class

We begin with the actual life of the historical Buddha, Shakyamuni, an archetype of a human being awakening to the true meaning and purpose of life. Then we delve systematically into the fundamental teachings of the “path of awakening” that he promulgated during the course of his nearly forty-five years of active teaching. Finally, we examine the various practice and meditative paths that have developed within the Buddhist tradition over the past 2600 years.

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Buddhist Wisdom on Death and Dying
A Four-Week Class (FCM Members Only)

The Buddha taught us that death can come at any moment and his teachings urge us to prepare for death every day. In our death-defying culture, it is hard to even imagine that we are actually going to die, let alone know how to get ready for it. This class will be an opportunity for participants to examine death and dying in the context of our Buddhist practice. Through teachings, presentations, guided meditations and discussion, the presenters will provide a safe environment for participants to: gain greater understanding and acceptance of impermanence and death, and reflect deeply on our own death with clarity, understanding, and compassion; explore Buddhist perspectives on death and what happens when we die; examine one’s life in the context of healing and transformation, being prepared for death and letting go, reassessing life priorities and aspirations; learn how to be present with the dying process, our own and others; and explore end of life planning options and learn to communicate our final wishes to others.

The Five Mindfulness Trainings Transmission Preparatory Class
A Two-Hour Class (FCM Members Only)

Since the time of the Buddha, people have expressed their commitment to follow the Buddha’s teachings and the Buddhist path of practice by taking refuge in the Three Jewels and by receiving the transmission of the five Buddhist precepts or trainings. This preparatory class will provide explanation of the Three Refuges and the Five Mindfulness Trainings, explore ways they can be manifested in our daily lives and offer opportunities for questions and answers. Participants must attend this class in order to receive transmission from our teacher Fred.

The Transformative Psychology of Buddhism
A Daylong Workshop

We will present an overview of Buddhist psychology and the meditative and mindfulness techniques it utilizes to help heal, retrain and transform the individual. Buddhist analysis of the mind and its eight levels, conscious and unconscious processes, and the central role that self/ego and self-centric thinking play in the development of afflictive emotions and dysfunctional behaviors will be fully explained. Buddhist psychology will be presented as an essentially positive psychology, wherein the happiness and well-being of the individual is the goal. Practical means for emotional healing based on Buddhist psychology including freeing oneself from past issues and current dysfunctional dramas will also be presented.

Upcoming Classes

04 Sep 2019 6:30 PM • FCM, 6501 N. Nebraska Avenue, Tampa, FL 33604
10 Sep 2019 7:00 PM • FCM Practice Center, 6501 N. Nebraska Ave., Tampa, FL 33604
29 Oct 2019 6:30 PM • FCM, 6501 N. Nebraska Avenue, Tampa, FL 33604
FCM Meditation & Education Center - 6501 N. Nebraska Avenue - Tampa, FL 33604
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