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Guided Meditations

One form of meditation often practiced at the Florida Community of Mindfulness is the “guided meditation”. In these meditations, one is voice-guided step-by-step through a meditative experience.

Guided meditations may have different purposes. Some are general, aimed at quieting the mind and producing calmness and relaxation. Others have a very specific purpose, such as cultivating loving-kindness, reflecting on impermanence, watching the arising and passing away of emotions or thoughts, and more.

The following guided meditations were recorded by senior members of the FCM community. To best benefit from the guidance, we encourage you to take a noble posture in a quiet setting, and to let the words gently guide and open your mind.

Guided Meditations

Deep Body/Mind Relaxation (22 minutes)
Darlene Stewart leads this meditation for establishing deep relaxation of both the mind and the body.

Establishing Oneself in Awareness of Body-Breath (10 minutes) 
Fred Eppsteiner leads a meditation to help establish a calm mind and awareness of the body and breath as one begins a meditation period.

Letting Go (28 minutes)
Angie Parrish leads a meditation on letting go, based on Ajahn Brahm's "Four Ways of Letting Go."

Loving Kindness (Flower) Meditation (30 minutes)
Angie Parrish leads a meditation on loving kindness for ourselves and others.

Pausing Meditation (3 minutes)
Betsy Arizu leads a meditation to help us pause and renew at any time throughout the day.

Strong Back, Soft Heart Meditation (14 minutes)
Marilyn Warlick leads a meditation on cultivating both solidity/equanimity as well as openness/receptivity for being in the world.

Taking Care of the Suffering in Us (12 minutes)
Darlene Stewart guides us in the practice of taking care of the suffering within us.

Loving Kindness (12 minutes)
Jacqulyn Schuett leads a meditation on loving kindness, or "metta."

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