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Talk Series

Dharma Teacher Fred Eppsteiner

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The Key Point of Practice: Mastering the Fundamentals

Path of Awakening | Fall 2013 - Winter/Spring 2014

"Healing, Transformation, Awakening: A Study and Practice Guide for the Florida Community of Mindfulness"  sets forth three stages of the path followed by the Florida Community of Mindfulness. The first is called the Mindful Living Path, the second the Dharma Path, and the third the Wisdom Path. Please visit the Teachings section of our website to view a more comprehensive presentation of these paths, and the teachings and practices associated with them.

The first two paths, Mindful Living and Dharma, are the foundation teachings and practices for our community’s transformative journey. All member of our community - those who’ve been practicing many years, and non-members who practice with us - are undertaking a comprehensive experience of these two paths together in a "Path of Awakening" that begins in October 2013 and continues through May 2014. For newer members and non-members, this is an opportunity to approach these paths of study and practice with a clear structure to support and guide yourself. For experienced practitioners, this is an opportunity to experientially review these core foundation practices to solidify and strengthen your base. The goal for all is to develop a life grounded in clarity, happiness and meaning.

Dharma talks during the first half of the Path of Awakening (2013) will focus on mindful living and psychological wholeness, and will be added to the list below.  The second half will focus on developing a life of altruistic purpose, intelligence, and compassion.


Part 1: The Path of Mindful Living

Mindfulness of Mind Audio (Dec 15, 2013)

Part 2: The Path of Dharma
The Four Mind Turnings: Defects of Samsara, Cause and Effect

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