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Series Dharma Talks

This page contains links to audios and/or videos of series talks that Fred has given at retreats or on selected themes at his weekly talks.

Click for separate menus of Guided Meditations, All Dharma Talks, and Q&As.

If you find this talk of benefit, please consider making a donation to support us so that we can continue to offer these recordings freely.

Series Name Path of
 A Buddhist Understanding of Our Times: The Six Realms of Existence (Series)  D  Fred Eppsteiner
Altruistic Life (Ap 2016) (Series)  D Fred Eppsteiner
Anapanasati Sutra: Full Awareness of the Breath (2009/2010) (Series)  D Fred Eppsteiner
Being an Island Unto Oneself: The Path of Unshakeable Refuge (Series)  D Fred Eppsteiner
Bodhisattva Path: Four Point Mind Training and Eight Verses for Training the Mind (Jan 2012) (Series)  D Fred Eppsteiner
Chan Master Han Shan (2010) (Series)  W Fred Eppsteiner
Chan Master Hsu Yun (Empty Cloud) Teachings (2010) (Series)  W Fred Eppsteiner
Chan Master Lin Chi Teachings (Dec 2010) (Series)  W Fred Eppsteiner
Chan Master Linji (Jun/Jul 2015) (Series)  D Fred Eppsteiner
Chan Master Shitou: Song of the Grass Roof Hut (Jan 2015) (Series)  W Fred Eppsteiner
Chan Master Ta Hui: Swampland Flowers (Oct/Nov 2010) (Series)  W Fred Eppsteiner
Emotional Healing: Composting Emotional Afflictions Into the Soil of Wellbeing (Apr 2013) (Series)
 ML Fred Eppsteiner
Emotional Healing: Composting Fear into Fearlessness (Sep 2015) (Series)  ML Fred Eppsteiner
Four Noble Truths: Taking Care of Personal Suffering (Mar 2012) (Series)  ML Fred Eppsteiner
Four Nutriments (2009) (Series)  D Fred Eppsteiner
Four Nutriments (May 2018) (Series)
 D Fred Eppsteiner
Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings of Plum Village Tradition (Series)  ML  Fred Eppsteiner
Great Perfection: The Path to Wholeness (Oct 2014) (Series)  W Fred Eppsteiner
Insight Practice: The Buddhist Meditative Practices of Direct Investigation (Jan 2011) (Seies)  D Fred Eppsteiner
Interbeing (Nov/Dec 2012) (Series)  ML Fred Eppsteiner
 Lojong Mind Trainings (2019 Series)  D  Fred Eppsteiner 
Lojong Mind Trainings (2015/2016) (Series)  D Fred Eppsteiner
Lojong Mind Trainings: Eight Versus for Training the Mind (Oct 2012) (Series)  D Fred Eppsteiner
Milarepa: The Life and Teachings (Oct 2012) (Series)  D Fred Eppsteiner
Mind Training: How To Use the Thinking Mind to Support Your Transformation (Jan 2019) (Series)  D  Fred Eppsteiner
Non-Self: Deconstructing the World of Self (Jan 2013) (Series)  D Fred Eppsteiner
Non-Self: Deconstructing the World of Self (Jan 2018) (Series)  D Fred Eppsteiner
No Time Off: All Sensory Consumption Leaves Mind Impressions   D  Fred Eppsteiner
Nourishing the Mind-Body With the Buddha's Four Nutriments (Series)   D  Fred Eppsteiner
Padma Karpo's Precious Sun (Feb/Mar 2011) (Series)  D Fred Eppsteiner
Paramita of Patience: Overcoming Anger and Cultivating a Mind of Patience and Acceptance (Apr 2017) (Series)  D Fred Eppsteiner
Patrul Rinpoche: Advice from Me to Myself (Aug/Sep 2013)  ML Fred Eppsteiner
Right View: Seeing life with Clarity and Intelllgence (Feb 2014) (Series)  D Fred Eppsteiner
Satipatthana Sutra: Becoming Intimate with Life through Moment-to-Moment Mindfulness (Oct 2013) (Series)  ML Fred Eppsteiner
Seven Factors of Awakening (Aug/Sep 2014) (Series)  D Fred Eppsteiner
Seven Verses of Mind Training (Jan 2016) (Series)  D Fred Eppsteiner
Shantideva: The Bodhisattva Path (2017) (Series)  D Fred Eppsteiner
Stabilizing the Restless Mind: A Meditation Retreat on The Practices of Mindfulness and Calm Abiding (2018)(Series)  D Fred Eppsteiner
The Key Point of Practice: Mastering the Fundamentals (2013/2014) (Series)  ML Fred Eppsteiner
Thich Nhat Hanh: Pith Teachings (2012) (Series)  ML Fred Eppsteiner
Third Chan Patriarch's Verses on Trust in Mind (Jun 2012) (Series)  W Fred Eppsteiner
Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva (2017/2018) (Series)  D Fred Eppsteiner
Unfettering the Natural Mind: The Path of Clear Seeing (Part 1, Jun 2013) (Series)  W Fred Eppsteiner
Unfettering the Natural Mind: The Path of Clear Seeing (Part 2, Jun 2014) (Series)  W Fred Eppsteiner
Unfettering the Natural Mind: The Path of Clear Seeing (Part 3, Jun 2015) (Series)   W Fred Eppsteiner
Vimilakirti Sutra (2009/2010/2011) (Series) Fred Eppsteiner
Zen and Great Perfection Masters: Key Points of the Path of Awakening (Oct 2016) (Series)  W Fred Eppsteiner
Zen Master Bankei: Accessing the Unborn Buddha Mind (Oct 2011) (Series)  W Fred Eppsteiner
Zen Masters: Teachings of the Zen Masters (Fall 2017) (Series)
 W Fred Eppsteiner
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