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Series Dharma Talks

This page contains links to audios and/or videos of series talks that Fred has given at retreats or on selected themes at his weekly talks.

Click for separate menus of Guided Meditations, All Dharma Talks, and Q&As.

If you find this talk of benefit, please consider making a donation to support us so that we can continue to offer these recordings freely.

Series Name Path of
 A Buddhist Understanding of Our Times: The Six Realms of Existence (Series) D Fred Eppsteiner
Altruistic Life (Ap 2016) (Series) DFred Eppsteiner
Anapanasati Sutra: Full Awareness of the Breath (2009/2010) (Series) DFred Eppsteiner
Being an Island Unto Oneself: The Path of Unshakeable Refuge (Series) DFred Eppsteiner
Bodhisattva Path: Four Point Mind Training and Eight Verses for Training the Mind (Jan 2012) (Series) DFred Eppsteiner
Chan Master Han Shan (2010) (Series) WFred Eppsteiner
Chan Master Hsu Yun (Empty Cloud) Teachings (2010) (Series) WFred Eppsteiner
Chan Master Lin Chi Teachings (Dec 2010) (Series) WFred Eppsteiner
Chan Master Linji (Jun/Jul 2015) (Series) DFred Eppsteiner
Chan Master Shitou: Song of the Grass Roof Hut (Jan 2015) (Series) WFred Eppsteiner
Chan Master Ta Hui: Swampland Flowers (Oct/Nov 2010) (Series) WFred Eppsteiner
Emotional Healing: Composting Emotional Afflictions Into the Soil of Wellbeing (Apr 2013) (Series)
 MLFred Eppsteiner
Emotional Healing: Composting Fear into Fearlessness (Sep 2015) (Series) MLFred Eppsteiner
Four Noble Truths: Taking Care of Personal Suffering (Mar 2012) (Series) MLFred Eppsteiner
Four Nutriments (2009) (Series) DFred Eppsteiner
Four Nutriments (May 2018) (Series)
 DFred Eppsteiner
Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings of Plum Village Tradition (Series) ML Fred Eppsteiner
Great Perfection: The Path to Wholeness (Oct 2014) (Series) WFred Eppsteiner
Insight Practice: The Buddhist Meditative Practices of Direct Investigation (Jan 2011) (Seies) DFred Eppsteiner
Interbeing (Nov/Dec 2012) (Series) MLFred Eppsteiner
 Lojong Mind Trainings (2019 Series) D Fred Eppsteiner 
Lojong Mind Trainings (2015/2016) (Series) DFred Eppsteiner
Lojong Mind Trainings: Eight Versus for Training the Mind (Oct 2012) (Series) DFred Eppsteiner
Milarepa: The Life and Teachings (Oct 2012) (Series) DFred Eppsteiner
Mind Training: How To Use the Thinking Mind to Support Your Transformation (Jan 2019) (Series) D Fred Eppsteiner
Non-Self: Deconstructing the World of Self (Jan 2013) (Series) DFred Eppsteiner
Non-Self: Deconstructing the World of Self (Jan 2018) (Series) DFred Eppsteiner
No Time Off: All Sensory Consumption Leaves Mind Impressions  D  Fred Eppsteiner
Nourishing the Mind-Body With the Buddha's Four Nutriments (Series)  D Fred Eppsteiner
Padma Karpo's Precious Sun (Feb/Mar 2011) (Series) DFred Eppsteiner
Paramita of Patience: Overcoming Anger and Cultivating a Mind of Patience and Acceptance (Apr 2017) (Series) DFred Eppsteiner
Patrul Rinpoche: Advice from Me to Myself (Aug/Sep 2013) MLFred Eppsteiner
Right View: Seeing life with Clarity and Intelllgence (Feb 2014) (Series) DFred Eppsteiner
Satipatthana Sutra: Becoming Intimate with Life through Moment-to-Moment Mindfulness (Oct 2013) (Series) MLFred Eppsteiner
Seven Factors of Awakening (Aug/Sep 2014) (Series) DFred Eppsteiner
Seven Verses of Mind Training (Jan 2016) (Series) DFred Eppsteiner
Shantideva: The Bodhisattva Path (2017) (Series) DFred Eppsteiner
Stabilizing the Restless Mind: A Meditation Retreat on The Practices of Mindfulness and Calm Abiding (2018)(Series) DFred Eppsteiner
The Key Point of Practice: Mastering the Fundamentals (2013/2014) (Series) MLFred Eppsteiner
Thich Nhat Hanh: Pith Teachings (2012) (Series) MLFred Eppsteiner
Third Chan Patriarch's Verses on Trust in Mind (Jun 2012) (Series) WFred Eppsteiner
Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva (2017/2018) (Series) DFred Eppsteiner
Unfettering the Natural Mind: The Path of Clear Seeing (Part 1, Jun 2013) (Series) WFred Eppsteiner
Unfettering the Natural Mind: The Path of Clear Seeing (Part 2, Jun 2014) (Series) WFred Eppsteiner
Unfettering the Natural Mind: The Path of Clear Seeing (Part 3, Jun 2015) (Series)  WFred Eppsteiner
Vimilakirti Sutra (2009/2010/2011) (Series)Fred Eppsteiner
Zen and Great Perfection Masters: Key Points of the Path of Awakening (Oct 2016) (Series) WFred Eppsteiner
Zen Master Bankei: Accessing the Unborn Buddha Mind (Oct 2011) (Series) WFred Eppsteiner
Zen Masters: Teachings of the Zen Masters (Fall 2017) (Series)
 WFred Eppsteiner
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