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FCM is a member-driven organization, although non-members are invited and very welcome to attend our weekly sanghas and other programs. We have a volunteer Board of Directors and a volunteer staff. In addition, FCM’s mission and programs are supported by a number of committees that help with the care of our sanghas, our Practice Center, and our other activities and offerings.

FCM members who are ordinees or aspirants in Thich Nhat Hanh’s Order of Interbeing constitute our core community, and are committed to service to the community and to the liberation of all beings from suffering.

The Florida Community of Mindfulness is a Florida not-for-profit corporation recognized as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service. Contributions to FCM are tax-deductible.

Board of Directors

The Florida Community of Mindfulness Board of Directors consists of eight members who meet several times a year, in consultation with FCM’s teacher and Executive Director.  The FCM Board is responsible for implementation of FCM’s Strategic Plan for supporting FCM’s teacher, sanghas and programs, for the prudent handling of FCM’s finances and legal affairs, and for the overall development and health of FCM.


FCM's "staff" is primarily volunteer, and includes the following Leaders, who work with many dedicated "selfless service" members to support our mission: 

  • Our Dharma Teacher (Teacher@floridamindfulness.org), Fred Eppsteiner, is the spiritual guide for FCM, providing leadership and support for FCM's mission, values, and goals. The Dharma Teacher is supported by the Dharma Programs Leader (Dharma-Programs-Leader@floridamindfulness.org), Bryan Hindert, responsible for oversight of all Dharma programs (weekly Sangha gatherings, Intensives, Days of Mindfulness, retreats, Wake Up, phone Sanghas, Meditation in Recovery, book clubs, Transmission preparatory and ceremonies, mentorship, special study groups, and more).
  • Our Executive Director (Executive-Director@floridamindfulness.org), Angela Parrish, and Office Manager (Office-Manager@floridamindfulness.org), Liz Stepp, are responsible for overall co-ordination of all FCM and Mindfulness Institute activities, including scheduling, communications and technology, facilities and community outreach. They are also responsible for financial reporting, risk management, and compliance for FCM.
  • Our Community Care Leader (Community-Care-Leader@floridamindfulness.org), Betsy Arizu, is responsible for overseeing programs that support our vibrant FCM community, such as Sangha care in Naples, St. Petersburg and Tampa, the Family Program, membership, Sangha Welfare, special interest groups, social activities, and the member "Bed & Breakfast" program.
Many hands are needed to help in each of these areas, so please visit our Selfless Service page to learn more about how you might both give and receive in providing selfless service with FCM.

Sangha Care Committees for Naples & St. Petersburg

Our Naples and St. Petersburg Sanghas are nurtured by a team of caring members for each location that is called the "Sangha Care Committee."  The Sangha Care Committee conducts our weekly sanghas and other activities in Naples and St. Petersburg, respectively, and cares for our community.

The Sangha Care Committees are open to all Naples and St. Petersburg area members of FCM and others who attend sangha and would like to “give back” to the community.  The Committees have occasional meetings as needed, and accomplishes their work harmoniously and joyfully through the use of sign-up sheets for different weekly tasks and e-mail communications among members.  Please visit our Selfless Service page for more information about how to participate in Sangha Care.

Order of Interbeing

More than thirty FCM members, including our teacher Fred Eppsteiner, are ordained or aspirants in the Order Of Interbeing ("OI”) founded by Thich Nhat Hanh. The OI is dedicated to sangha building and service, and to a sincere, sustained personal Dharma practice based on the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings. As such, FCM’s OI community forms a core of committed, compassionate practitioners to help realize FCM’s mission and to support all of us in our practices as we seek healing and transformation.  Many other FCM members are not formally part of the OI but are equally committed to their own personal practice and to joyful work to build and support our community.  

FCM Meditation & Education Center - 6501 N. Nebraska Avenue - Tampa, FL 33604
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