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About Us


The Florida Community of Mindfulness provides a "home" where people can come to learn and practice the art of meditation and mindful living. As a nurturing and supportive practice community taking inspiration from Thich Nhat Hanh, FCM offers a variety of practice opportunities to support practitioners in their aspiration to cultivate mindfulness and compassion and lead awakened lives. Our community meets at our Practice Center in Tampa, Florida, as well as in Fort Myers, Marco Island, Naples, and St. Petersburg. Please visit our Sangha page for more information about meeting locations and times.

Our community was founded by our teacher, Fred Eppsteiner, who received Dharma Transmission (authorization to teach in an authentic lineage descended from the Buddha) from Thich Nhat Hanh after more than four decades of deep study and practice with Buddhist masters in multiple lineages. Click here for a Mindfulness Bell article sharing the story of FCM's creation and growth.

FCM's activities include the teaching and practice of mindfulness, meditation and the Dharma (teachings of the Buddha) through weekly group meditation sessions (sanghas) and Dharma talks, classes on mind-body awareness and relaxation, monthly days of mindfulness, multi-day retreats; home-study intensives lasting three to six months, workshops offered by FCM’s Mindfulness Institute on the application of mindfulness principles to our everyday lives, and a variety of indoor and outdoor social events for the FCM community. In all of our gatherings and activities, we practice deep listening and loving, mindful speech.

Taking Flight
All are welcome at our weekly sanghas, classes, days of mindfulness and Mindfulness Institute workshops. Retreats and intensives are limited to FCM members; we encourage membership for those who wish to become Fred’s students, and to integrate mindful living, self-awareness and understanding into their daily lives. Please visit our Programs section for more information about the many practice opportunities offered through FCM.

Please contact Executive-Director@floridamindfulness.org for more information and general questions.
FCM Meditation & Education Center - 6501 N. Nebraska Avenue - Tampa, FL 33604
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