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    • 26 Feb 2024
    • Online
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    Our upcoming Intensive: The Foundations of Mindfulness on the Path of Awakening, begins February 26 and ends May 20. The development of these foundational practices of mindfulness in relation to the body, feelings, mind and objects of mind serves as a strong basis for a mind of peace, ease and self-awareness. This Intensive will offer participants a direct exploration of mindfulness through both study and practice.


    Participants in this Intensive will be provided readings and assigned weekly meditation and daily life practices.

    • Bi-weekly small group mentoring calls will provide individual guidance and support.
    • Bi-weekly Dharma talks will be offered by Intensive leaders Bill Mac Millen and Brandy Kidd.
    • Fred will offer a Forum to answer questions and interact with participants.
    • Participants will be paired with a Dharma Buddy to support the setting of daily intentions.

    All meetings will be on Zoom. An Intensive Practice page on our website will be made available to registrants for Intensive materials and assignments. 


    This Intensive is appropriate for all levels of practice and is meant to build and enhance our ability to live a conscious life of calmness, clarity and insight.



    • Spend a minimum of 30 - 60 minutes daily (depending on the individual) in formal meditative practice, study, and/or other practices related to this Intensive.
    • Participate in your assigned bi-weekly peer group via Zoom.
    • Be present for Intensive Dharma Talks on Monday evenings via Zoom.
    • Attend all the practice periods of your Sangha during the Intensive, as possible. This might include morning and/or evening Virtual Meditation, Sunday Sangha Meditation & Dharma talk, Monthly Work Meditations and Days of Mindfulness.

    Registration opens January 15 and closes February 9. Out of consideration for our Intensive organizers, and to ensure your acceptance into the intensive, please register immediately or mark the registration closing date in your calendar now.



    Please read the information below before you click to register!


    When you register, you will be asked to indicate your preferences for the mentoring groups offered through Zoom. The following six mentoring groups will be listed, and you will be required to indicate for each group one of the following: my first choice, my second choice, cannot do, or could do but not preferred. If there is more than one group that will work well for you, please mark all these as “my first choice.” This will provide us with added flexibility in making group assignments. Please have your calendar available when you register so that you can complete this part of the registration process accurately. 

    • Group 1:  Tuesday mornings, 7:30 am ET
    • Group 2:  Tuesday evenings, 6:30 pm ET
    • Group 3:  Wednesday mid-day, noon ET
    • Group 4:  Wednesday afternoons, 4:30 pm ET
    • Group 5:  Thursday mornings, 7:30 am ET
    • Group 6:  Thursday evenings, 6:30 pm ET

    Registration will be open until February 9. Please register as soon as you can to support our efforts to have everything organized in a timely manner.


    The fee for this Intensive is $100. This is a suggested amount and participants are free to offer more or less depending on their individual financial situation. You may pay on-line when you register, or send your check made out to the Florida Community of Mindfulness (FCM) to Florida Community of Mindfulness, 6501 N. Nebraska Avenue, Tampa, FL 33604.


    If you have any questions about this Intensive, please email Sheila at


    Please register by February 9!

    • 26 Feb 2024
    • Online
    Registration is closed

    February 26 - May 20, 2024

    Our Intensive began this past fall with Part 1, where we learned about Shantideva and his treasured text, The Way of the Bodhisattva. With Fred’s guidance, we began by laying the foundation of altruistic intention and were then introduced to the core practices for preparing our minds for this precious awakened mind to take hold, such as aspiration, refuge, confession/purification, rejoicing and dedication. We concluded Part 1 with the invitation to take the Bodhisattva vow, making the commitment to say “yes” to achieving enlightenment in order to relieve the suffering of beings and bring benefit wherever and whenever we can, including ourselves.

    Having undertaken the preparations and commitments in Part 1, we are now ready to embark upon Part 2, with Fred guiding us in our Bodhisattva training with the practice of the six paramitas or perfections. These perfections are the heart of our Mahayana path; if we want to truly live the Bodhisattva way – to actualize wisdom and compassion in our life – then practicing these six ‘transcendental actions’ is the way. In Part 2 of this Intensive, we will be concentrating on practicing the perfections of discipline, patience, and joyful effort. This Intensive will conclude in the summer with study and practice of the final two perfections, meditation and wisdom.

    Members of FCM who have taken Part 1 of this Intensive in the Fall of 2023 or at any previous time are invited to continue this journey with us. Any member who was not in Part 1, but wishes to join this journey will need to contact Fred directly.

    We will continue to utilize assigned readings in The Bodhicaryavatara and in recommended commentarial texts. Bi-weekly group mentoring on Zoom will provide individual guidance and support. These mentor calls will alternate between being led by Fred and Angie. All Dharma talks given by Fred will be offered to participants via Zoom. 


    Participant Commitments

    • A minimum of one-hour of daily formal meditative and/or other practices related to this intensive.
    • Reading the Dharma texts that will be assigned to participants.
    • Participation in bi-weekly Mentoring Group Zoom calls with Fred and Angie during the intensive.
    • Being present for the Zoom Dharma Talks with Fred. 
    • Attending all the practice periods of your Sangha during the Intensive, as possible.


    As in the Fall intensive, each Mentoring Group will meet every two weeks, alternating between Fred and Angie as mentors. The Mentoring Group composition and schedule will continue as they have been during the Fall intensive. If you need to change the group you are in, are new to this intensive, or if you have questions about the mentoring groups, please contact Sheila at

    Registration will close on February 9. Out of consideration for our Intensive organizers, and to ensure your acceptance into the intensive, please register immediately or mark the registration closing date in your calendar now.

    If you have any questions about this intensive, please contact Angie at

    Florida Community of Mindfulness, Tampa Center
    6501 N. Nebraska Avenue
    Tampa, FL 33604

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