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    • 05 Oct 2020
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    October 5 - December 21, 2020

    Our year-long intensive with the practices of Shantidevas The Bodhicaryavatara continues. Desiring to live a life informed by the aspiration for liberation from an existence of narrow self-centeredness, constricted emotionality, and underlying dissatisfaction in order to better connect to, understand, love, and bring only goodness to our fellow beings, we practice together with this wonderful text as our guide. In this way, we carry forth into the twenty-first century the way of the bodhisattva or the path of the awakened and compassionate warrior

    In this final phase of this year-long Intensive, we will be studying and practicing with the last four chapters of The Bodhicaryavatara, on Diligence, Meditative Concentration, Wisdom and Dedication. This Intensive is open to FCM members who participated in the Winter/Spring or Summer Intensive, The Path of the Enlightened Being, although members with previous experience in studying with this text in FCM may join with Freds approval.

    We will continue to utilize assigned readings in The Bodhicaryavatara and in recommended commentarial textsBi-weekly group mentoring video-conference calls on Zoom will provide individual guidance and support. These mentor calls will alternate between being led by Diane Powell and Ken Lenington, both senior students of Fred. Bi-weekly Dharma talks by Fred will be offered to participants via Zoom.

    Participant Commitments

    • A minimum of one-hour of daily formal meditative and/or other practices related to this intensive.
    • Reading the Dharma texts that will be assigned to participants.
    • Participation in bi-weekly Mentoring Group Zoom calls with Diane and Ken during the intensive.
    • Being present for the Zoom Dharma Talks with Fred.
    • Attending all the practice periods of your Sangha during the Intensive, as possible.


    As in the Winter/Spring and Summer intensives, each Mentoring Group will meet every two weeks, alternating between Diane and Ken as mentors.  The Mentoring Group assignments will continue as they have been during the Summer intensive (or as assigned in the Winter/Spring Intensive for those who did not participate in the Summer Intensive).  If you need to change the group you are in, are new to this intensive, or if you have questions about the mentoring groups, please contact Diane at or 813- 334-8888.

    Registration will close on Sept 16. Out of consideration for our intensive organizers, and to ensure your acceptance into the intensive, please register immediately or mark the registration closing date in your calendar now.

    If you have any questions about this intensive, please contact Ken or Diane. Contact information:

    ·       Ken: kenlen108@gmail.com828-768-1143

    ·       Diane: dslpowell@gmail.com813-334-8888

      • 05 Oct 2020
      • (EDT)
      • Online
      Registration is closed

      October 5 - December 21, 2020

      Why do so many of us continue to struggle year after year with negative emotional reactivity and affliction? Although we may long to be happy, and enjoy ease and well-being in our life and relationships, in spite of our best efforts, we continue to suffer from dysfunctional patterns of emotionality.

      In this Intensive we will embark together on a journey of healing and transformation. The core aspects of the FCM Mindful Living Path of Practice involve stabilizing our minds through the practice of mindfulness and meditation, and then healing the psycho-emotional wounds that weve carried for many years. This Intensive will focus on concrete practices for understanding and transforming our deep-seated emotional afflictions, so we can free up energy from endless reactivity and learn to live each day with greater well-being and equanimity.

      Grounded in practices of mindfulness, we can learn to be present and open to strong emotions (such as anger, fear and sadness) instead of our habitual patterns of pushing them away or being swept away by them. Holding these feelings in mindful awareness we can look deeply into their origins in our past conditioning. We recognize emotional patterns, identify the misperceptions that feed them, and see clearly their true nature of impermanence and insubstantiality.

      The readings and other supports of this Intensive will present a clear and systematic path for developing the skills and competencies that enable us to take care of our emotional suffering, and lead to self-healing and personal transformation.

      A solid foundation of mindfulness and meditation is essential to our healing and transformation. This Intensive is open to FCM members who are developing the foundational support of practice by having participated in one or more of the following:

      • Another FCM Intensive
      • The FCM Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation 4-Week Course
      • Mindfulness and meditation practice developed through other classes, retreats or in other settings.  

      Participants in this Intensive will be provided with a path of practice that will include specific readings, meditation practices, and daily life assignments. There be four Dharma Talks on Zoom, bi-weekly mentor group calls for individual guidance and support, and a Forum with our teacher, Fred.

      Please note that FCM offers this Intensive approximately every two years. Even if you have taken this Intensive before you will reap the benefits of bringing a new level of maturity of practice to your process of healing and transformation.

      This Intensive will be led by Betsy Arizu, with Darlene Stewart, Charlie Stewart, and Brandy Kidd joining her as Intensive Mentors. All are senior students of Fred's. If you have any questions about whether this Intensive is right for you please contact Betsy at

      The commitments for this Intensive are listed below. Before registering for the Intensive please read the commitments and reflect carefully on whether you will be able to keep them.


      Study & Practice:

      • Spend a minimum of 30 minutes daily in formal meditative practice, study, and/or other practices related to this Intensive.
      • Read Dharma texts assigned for the Intensive.
      • Attend all the practice periods of your Sangha during the Intensive, as possible.

      Participate in Assigned Practice Groups:

      • Participate in your assigned bi-weekly mentoring group via Zoom.
      • Be present for monthly Dharma Talks via Zoom. (Oct 5, Nov 2, Nov 30, Dec 21)
      • Participate in a Forum with Fred, via Zoom. (Date TBA)

      For this Intensive, there is a suggested donation of $100. This is a suggested donation and participants are free to donate more or less, depending on their individual practice of Dana and their financial situation.

      Please note that participation in this Intensive is only open to members of FCM. For information about membership, please access our website at


      This Intensive will begin on October 5 and end on Dec 21. Readings, Zoom teleconference/phone call instructions, and other pertinent dates will be announced once registration has been completed.

      Registration will close on Sept 16. 


      Please read the information below before you click to register!

      When you register, you will be asked to indicate your preferences for the mentoring groups offered through Zoom. The following six mentoring groups will be listed, and you will be required to score each group as one of the following: my first choice, my second choice, cannot do, or could do but not preferred. Please have your calendar available when you register so that you can complete this part of the registration process accurately. 

      Group 1:  Monday afternoons, 1:00 pm, Oct 12, 26, Nov 9, 23, Dec 7

      Group 2:  Tuesday mornings, 7:30 am, Oct 13, 27, Nov 10, 24, Dec 8

      Group 3:  Tuesday evenings, 6:00 pm, Oct 13, 27, Nov 10, 24, Dec 8

      Group 4:  Wednesday mornings 7:30 am, Oct 14, 28, Nov 11, 25, Dec 9

      Group 5:  Wednesday evenings, 6:00 pm  Oct 14, 28, Nov 11, 25, Dec 9

      Group 6:  Thursday mornings 7:30 am, Oct 15, 29, Nov 12, Dec 3, Dec 17

      Group 7:  Thursday evenings, 6:00 pm  Oct 15, 29, Nov 12, Dec 3, Dec 17

      Please pay online or send your check made out to the Florida Community of Mindfulness (FCM) to Florida Community of Mindfulness, 6501 N. Nebraska Ave., Tampa, FL 33604. The deadline for registration is September 16.

    Florida Community of Mindfulness, Tampa Center
    6501 N. Nebraska Avenue
    Tampa, FL 33604

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