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Spiritual Friends Groups

Spiritual Friends Groups, sometimes called by the Pali term, Kalyana Mitta (KM) Groups, are small groups of FCM members who commit to meeting together on a regular basis to discuss and share their experiences in the practice. They are a powerful means of strengthening and broadening one's practice. The group setting provides an opportunity for members to practice deep listening and sharing, and to support and nurture each other in efforts to bring the practice into daily life. They are an enjoyable way to form connections and friendships with others with similar interests and perhaps similar challenges. 

Groups typically begin with sitting meditation followed by Dharma sharing. In Dharma sharing members are able to benefit from each other's experiences by sharing the joys, difficulties, insights, and aspirations of their practice. The groups end with a brief time for each member to reflect and share his or her thoughts on the session. Group members develop a deep sense of trust and acceptance that allows for true exploration of our Dharma journeys of personal transformation. 

Current Spiritual Friends Groups:

  • Spiritual Friends Illness Group is for those members have been practicing with the Florida Community of Mindfulness for awhile, and who are experiencing illness or are caring for loved ones with illness. Practicing in the midst of illness can be a challenge and through Dharma discussion members are able to benefit from each other's experiences and insight.  A four-month commitment to participate helps build a culture of caring, support and trust within the group. A recommended resource book is How to Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness: A Mindful Guide by Toni Bernhard (2015). To apply for the group contact Sangha-Care-Leader@floridamindfulness.org.
  • Spiritual Friends Mindful Parenting Group is for FCM mom's and dads. The mission of this group is to nurture and support one another's Buddhist practice through the role of being a parent.  Incorporating one's practice into the parenting relationship, carving out time for personal practice, and the particular challenges of parenting to one's practice are areas of focus.

Groups meet in person or via Zoom or both. For more information contact the Community Care Leader at Community-Care-Leader@floridamindfulness.org

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