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Overview: The Jewel of Community

People who come to the Florida Community of Mindfulness (FCM) for the experience of community  find a spiritual family, a safe place where we learn how to live a life of open, honest and loving intentions and actions of body, speech and mind. Trust and friendships develop in an ever-deepening way.  

Support is there in difficult times, and laughter and joy is always available as awareness opens us to the inherent connection to each other that has always been present.

Explore below to learn more about how we nourish the personal and interpersonal life of our community. 


All are invited to learn to live happier, more stable lives in the supportive, caring community that is FCM. Those who decide to become members make the ongoing deeper commitment to join others on the path to create a life free of suffering for themselves and others.

Care & Support

Organized support is provided in various ways for members dealing with the major struggles of life, such as relationship issues, health problems, aging, caretaking stresses, separation or death. 

Selfless Service 

Members and non-members support our community by donating time and commitment to maintaining facilities and providing programs and other services, in addition to financial donations. They realize the benefits of focusing on something larger than themselves.

Family & Teen Program

Age appropriate programs for children and teens aged 6-17 who are children and grandchildren of members and guests introduce them to wholesome practices of Buddhist life, including how to practice mindfulness and meditation when stress arises.

Social Activities 

Members and guests make friends at picnics, special dinners, music events, annual Thanksgiving celebrations and other holidays, Buddhist spiritual holidays such as Bodhi Day and Vesak, game and movie nights, nature walks led by an experienced naturalist, and more!

Special Programs

Learn more about:
Death and Dying/Death Cafe
Meditation in Recovery
Prison Dharma Group
Spiritual Friends Groups for parents, members with or caregivers of people with serious illness, members living out of area, and members living in St. Petersburg

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Florida Community of Mindfulness, Tampa Center
6501 N. Nebraska Avenue
Tampa, FL 33604

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