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Healing, Transformation, Awakening: FCM Study and Practice Guide

3. Fruition: Wisdom Path (Drinking Deeply from the Bowl)

With a firm foundation of daily practice, a clear aspiration, and mental and emotional stability and clarity, we are now ready to look more deeply into life and personal experience in order to awaken to the reality of non-self, emptiness, and our natural mind. At this point, the meditative exploration of the teachings is experiential, immediate and aims for a “break-through” or a “break-out” into a radically new unfettered view of life and reality. A life of true ease, wisdom, love and selfless service becomes available to us. Please visit Dharma Talks and Series Talks for a complete listing of all Wisdom talks.

Core Teachings

The core teachings of the Wisdom Path are as follows:

  • Vipashyana/insight/deep looking into the mind
  • Experiential understanding of non-duality, emptiness, and non-self
  • Zen and the Great Perfection (Dzogchen)


  • Mind investigation/self-inquiry
  • Investigating the nature of phenomena
  • Wakefulness/resting in awareness/moment-to-moment ease
  • Space gazing
  • Selfless living

Recommended Dharma Talks

Suggested Readings

  • Understanding Our Mind, Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Heart/Vimalakirti/ Platform/Diamond Sutras, among others
  • Verses on the Faith Mind
  • Zen and Great Perfection (Dzog-chen) meditation texts


  • Working closely with a teacher
  • Extended meditation activities
  • Seven day retreats
  • Solitary retreats
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