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The Florida Community of Mindfulness (FCM) offers Buddhist teachings that are relevant to the realities of day-to-day life and lead to personal transformation. FCM provides a variety of educational and practice opportunities to support those who sincerely aspire to cultivate mindfulness, equanimity, compassion, and joyful selfless service to others. While practicing within the Mahayana Buddhist tradition, we take inspiration and guidance from the full breadth of Buddhist teachings. We are creative and experimental in our forms since we desire to be relevant and accessible to American culture, issues, and vernacular. We apply the Buddhist teachings based on their appropriateness to the individual(s) being taught and practice skillfulness in their application. 

As an engaged Buddhist community, our understanding and practice of the Buddha’s teachings – the Dharma – has developed organically over the past two decades. The 2600-year old Buddhist lineage offers a deep and rich trove of traditional teachings and meditation practices. Through the interplay of this lineage with the needs, aspirations and aptitudes of our modern western community, a natural unfolding of Dharma practice has evolved.

As the membership of FCM has grown over the past decade, many newer members have not been part of this unfolding. Therefore, to enhance all students' understanding of our collective journey, our teacher Fred Eppsteiner has created the following Study and Practice Guide as a distillation of our community’s practices. An introductory talk by Fred about the Guide can be accessed via this link.

Navigational Tip: While the Guide includes several "Recommended Talks" (audio and/or video recordings, primarily by Fred) for each of the three parts of the path, as further described below, please note that a full menu of all available recordings can be found in "All Dharma Talks." Within that menu are links to summary descriptions for many talks. There is also a link to a sub-menu for the many "Dharma Q&As" that Fred has addressed with students during weekly sanghas over the past several years (find this link at the top of the Mindful Living Path section on page 1 of All Dharma Talks). Finally, we are in the process of adding a sub-menu of recordings of Guided Meditations offered by members of FCM.

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FCM Study and Practice Guide: Healing, Transformation, Awakening

This FCM Study and Practice Guide sets forth a three-part developmental path for Dharma practice and personal transformation: The Mindful Living Path, The Dharma Path, and The Wisdom Path. Their purpose is to take the practitioner from a life of unsatisfactoriness, superficiality, emotionality and egocentricity to a life of meaning, depth, stability of positive emotions, and selflessness. These paths can be understood, by analogy, to wishing to drink a bowl of a pure and nourishing liquid.

 First, we make sure the bowl is clean (diminish the mental projections and the endless neurotic meanderings of our minds, heal our psychological wounds, and lessen narcissistic thinking). Then we can pour the pure liquid (the teachings and practices that help transform our suffering and lead to a life of goodness, clarity and ease) into the bowl.  Finally, we can drink deeply to receive the full nourishment (deeply experience the essential nature of ourselves and all life).

The following Study and Practice Guide outlines these Three Paths and can be used to both 1) gauge one's level of aspiration and current experience, and 2) to clearly lay out a program of study and practice. Our teacher has provided guidance for each stage of the path, including core teachings, practices, readings and activities. In our community, the undertaking of each path is guided and supported by the teacher and senior students who act as mentors to newer members, thus insuring the transmission is direct, personal and appropriate to each student’s level of development.

The Three Paths for personal transformation are as follows (click links to continue reading):

1. The Mindful Living Path (cleaning the bowl)

2. The Dharma Path (pouring the pure liquid into the bowl)

3. The Wisdom Path (drinking deeply from the bowl)

More detailed information about practice opportunities offered by FCM can be found in Programs. A complete catalog of all recorded talks can be found in Dharma Talks.
FCM Meditation & Education Center - 6501 N. Nebraska Avenue - Tampa, FL 33604
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