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Summer 2016 Eight-Week Mindful Living Path Self-Development Intensive: Only Cumulative Change Leads to True Transformation

  • 11 Jul 2016
  • All locations


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Summer 2016 Eight-Week Mindful Living Path Self-Development Intensive: 

Only Cumulative Change Leads to True Transformation

July 11- September 5, 2016


Last summer, FCM offered an eight-week Intensive centered on practices for changing habit energies and behaviors. The past Fall, Winter and Spring brought two Intensives based on the Mindful Living Path of FCM’s Study and Practice Guide. The first of these, entitled Happiness and Solidity in Daily Life: The Foundation Practices of the Plum Village Tradition focused on cultivating mindfulness in meditation practice and in daily life. The second, entitled Foundational Practices for Healing and Transforming Emotional Afflictions, focused on understanding and transforming deep-seated negative emotional formations and learning to live with greater stability and clarity.

This Summer’s Mindful Living Path Intensive will offer opportunities to apply these foundational practices in ways that broaden and deepen their impact on our lives.

Our Summer, 2016 Mindful Living Path Intensive

The upcoming eight-week summer Mindful Living Path Intensive, building on the practices of these past two Intensives, will once again focus on transformation and change of deep-seated habitual patterns. We will have the opportunity to personalize and deepen our practice by freeing the mind from habits of body, speech and mind that sabotage our well-being and our capacity to live in harmony with others. The eight weeks will be divided into four two-week sections that will deal with different areas of focused change: our daily mindfulness and meditation practices, specific personal habits or behaviors, personality traits, and  problematic relationships (family, friend, work colleague).

Participants in this Intensive will be provided with a path of practice that will include a mentor, meditation practices, and daily life assignments. Bi-weekly talks with your mentor alternating weekly with email updates will provide individual guidance and support. Fred will be giving Dharma talks to participants by phone conference call. Small group meetings offered weekly, in-person or by phone, will be provide an opportunity for participants to share and provide mutual support to each other. These meetings will be on a “drop-in” basis, and attendance will not be a commitment of the Intensive, but rather at the discretion each Intensive participant. Fred will be attending some of these meetings as his schedule permits. The reading for this Intensive will be Thich Nhat Hanh’s book, Peace Is Every Step. For more specific information about the Path of Mindful Living, please access FCM Study and Practice Guide under the Teachings section of our website.

The commitments for all participants in this Intensive are:

  1. The commitment to practice a minimum of 30 minutes of daily formal mindfulness meditation
  2. The commitment to practice recommended meditational techniques/practices
  3. The commitment to have regular telephone consultations with assigned mentor
  4. The commitment to listen to Fred’s Dharma Talks by phone
  5. The commitment to read any texts that will be recommended to participants
  6. The commitment to attend all the practice periods of our sangha during the eight weeks, as possible

This Intensive is open to all FCM members whether or not you participated in the Winter-Spring Mindful Living Path Intensive. The suggested donation for this Intensive is $50 (no fee for Supporting and Sustaining FCM members). This is a suggested donation and participants are free to donate more or less, depending on their individual practice of Dana and their financial situation.  

This intensive will begin July 11 and continue through September 5.  You may pay on-line or send your check made out to the Florida Community of Mindfulness (FCM) to Florida Community of Mindfulness, 6501 N. Nebraska Ave., Tampa, FL 33604. As the number of participants in this Intensive is limited, please complete the process by June 5.

Please note that participation in this Intensive is open only to members of the Florida Community of Mindfulness (FCM). While participation in our local sanghas, Days of Mindfulness and many other activities is open to everyone, membership in FCM is for persons wanting to deepen their practice of living an awakened life by being part of a dedicated practice community, having a direct relationship with a Dharma teacher and participating in practice opportunities such as Intensives and longer retreats. For information about membership please access the Membership section of our website.

FCM Meditation & Education Center - 6501 N. Nebraska Avenue - Tampa, FL 33604
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