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2018 Sangha Picnic: Nourishing Our Togetherness

More than 70 FCM friends gathered at the Sangha picnic on April 29 at Lowry Park in Tampa. Through the sharing of games, delicious food, songs, and conversation, the diverse group (with ages ranging from under one to over 70), truly nourished their togetherness
45 photo(s) Updated on: 05 May 2018
  • Dan and Frantz
  • Paula and Henry
  • Michelle, Lydia and Dan
  • Chris, offering the meal gatha
  • Betsy, Henry, Paula and Rosy
  • Enjoying delicious vegetarian potluck fare!
  • The Wake-up Group was well represented!
  • Friends enjoying community
  • Dan
  • Frantz and Jessica
  • David and Noah
  • Eleanor
  • Diana and Sarah
  • Stuart and Bill
  • Kerri, Bryan, Gabby, Teddy and Barbara enjoying the food offerings
  • Mitch and one of several four-footed guests
  • Jessikah and Rich
  • Betsy, Jim and Unity
  • The Wake-up group
  • Jaima, husband Justin, and sons Jackson and Jenson.
  • Angie and Newt (aka "Leo and Metta's dad!)
  • Mitch, Kerri and Elzbieta
  • Maria and Betsy
  • Rick, offering music
  • Something has their attention ....
  • Dan and Kerri
  • "Charlie Brown" (the dog) and admirers
  • Molly, Charlie Brown and Maria
  • Enjoying Rick's music
  • Newt, Karuna, Rebecca and Rosy (looking pretty laid back while their children are enjoying the playground!)
  • Luke, Sophia, Noah and Emmy playing volleyball
  • Luke, Noah, Sophia and Emmy
  • Very interesting!
  • Such energy!
  • Bryan serenades the group
  • Gabby, Chris and Teddy
  • Suzy and Bob
  • Jessikah sings with Rick's accompaniment
  • Brian and Suzy
  • A rousing game of volleyball!
  • Dan and Jerry
  • Suzy and Jessica
  • Jessica
  • Luke
  • Betsy and Peter
FCM Meditation & Education Center - 6501 N. Nebraska Avenue - Tampa, FL 33604
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