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2018 Great Cloud Consecration Ceremony

A beautiful ceremony to consecrate the ground for Great Cloud Refuge was held on April 8, 2018. Our teacher Fred led the ceremony, joined by four visiting monastics from Blue Cliff and Magnolia Grove monasteries and FCM members. May Great Cloud Refuge be of benefit for all beings!
50 photo(s) Updated on: 15 Apr 2018
  • The Altar and table awaiting the consecration vessels
  • The altar at the site of the future Great Cloud Refuge, awaiting the procession ceremony with the consecration vessels
  • The procession
  • The procession
  • Our teacher Fred, four monastic guests and five FCM members in the procession with the consecration vessels
  • Our caretaker Rich carrying a blue treasure vessel to the altar
  • Our Executive Director Angie offering Incense
  • Our Board President Betsy offering Incense
  • Our teacher Fred offering Incense
  • Sam carrying the vessel with precious offerings to consecrate the Refuge site
  • Sam, our longtime member and first caretaker at the Refuge site, carries the beautiful consecration vessel
  • Sam offers Incense to honor the site
  • Jacqulyn chants the Incense Offering on behalf of the community
  • Fred recites a prayer of gratitude acknowledging the people of the past who have used the land and expressing the aspiration to bring benefit to the ones in the future who will inhabit the grounds
  • Members of the procession offering prayers of gratitude. May those who use Great Cloud Refuge and the beauty of the Refuge contribute to the harmony of the neighborhood and the world
  • The beautiful altar, consecration vessels, Buddha, and offerings at the site of the future Great Cloud Refuge
  • Sister Flower Adornment bestows blessings on the site
  • Sister True Practice uses bowls of water that had been offered on the altar and long-stemmed red roses to bestow blessings on the site
  • Sister Flower Adornment offering incense
  • Sister Flower Adornment and Angie offering a blue treasure vessel to consecrate Great Cloud Refuge
  • The vessel is offered for wrapping in the precious cloth
  • The vessel is carefully wrapped in precious cloth
  • Rich, Sister Flower Adornment, and Angie prepare to lower the vessel into a corner of the Refuge
  • The vessel is offered to the earth to consecrate Great Cloud Refuge
  • Alex and Rich preparing a vessel
  • Brother Dharma Emptiness and Rich lowering a vessel into a corner of the future Great Cloud Refuge
  • Betsy and Rich preparing the vessel for burial
  • Sister True Practice and Rich lowering a treasure vessel into a corner of the Refuge
  • Sister True Practice and Betsy chanting the Heart Sutra
  • Sam and Rich lowering one of the blue treasure vessels into a corner of the future Refuge.
  • Rich and Brother Radiant lowering the vessel.
  • Diana on mokugyo and Bryan on bell for the Heart Sutra
  • Rich carrying the vessel to the center of the site.
  • Placing the vessel in the ground.
  • The large treasure vessel placed in the center of the ground for Great Cloud Refuge
  • The community joining in with "The Metta Song."
  • Tim Hamm offers his beautiful "Metta" song.
  • Angie, Sam, Jacqulyn, Sister True Practice, Bryan, Sister Flower Adornment, Betsy, Fred, Alex, Brother Radiant, Rich, and Brother Dharma Emptiness at the altar at the future site of Great Cloud Refuge
  • The copper-sealed shovel used in the ceremonial burial of the vessels.
  • Brother Dharma Emptiness responding to a question.
  • The Sisters beautifully sharing their wisdom.
  • Much joy in the community to have the monastics from the Plum Village tradition with us on this very special day.
  • The community gathered with the monastics to hear Brother Radiant's Dharma Talk.
  • The altar before the ceremony. Aspirations for Great Cloud Refuge were offered by many members and handwritten on tiny scrolls that were placed in the treasure vessels.
  • Sister True Practice responding to a "practicing with the woodpecker" question from a member.
  • Our teacher Fred leading meditation and offering energy and intentions.
  • The consecration vessels contained many precious articles such as small Buddhas, tiny prayer flags, precious gems and semiprecious stones, tiny scrolls of miniature copies of sutras and Buddha images.
  • Fred and the community listen to teachings from the monastics.
  • Brother Dharma Emptiness (left) and Brother Radiant in Q&A with the community.
  • The four blue treasure vessels, containing many scrolls and precious Dharma teachings.
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