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FCM Community Cares for Each Other Through 'Storms of Life'

22 Jun 2019 6:01 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Don't Wait to Begin Preparations for This Summer's Hurricane Season


The “storms of life” bring us life-changing events such as serious illness, physical injury, death of a loved one, the joy of birth, divorce, hurricanes and tornados -- only a few of the many events that may impact our lives. 

The sangha offers us support with its collective energy of mindfulness, compassion and lovingkindness. Whenever we find ourselves in a difficult situation, our sangha friends are there for us. Community involvement and caring are components of our compassionate sangha culture. 

Hurricane season can bring one of those “storms of life.” June is the start of hurrica

ne season. We hope all of our FCM Sangha practitioners will be prepared with a plan in place. 

Determining where to go if a severe storm approaches is an important part of a plan. After exploring the requirements of sheltering with the Red Cross, we determined that our Practice Center (as with most facilities other than certain public schools built to a very specific code standard) does not qualify as a shelter.  Since we will not be able to offer shelter to our members, this is the time to decide if you will stay home, stay with relatives or friends, or go to a hotel or a public shelter.  

Most of us are familiar with a storm preparation list, but it is easy to get caught off guard and find ourselves looking for supplies when shelves are empty. You can ease your mind by preparing ahead of time. In addition to a place to go, you will need food, water, lanterns, batteries, medicines and other necessities listed on the national hurricane link,
We recommend that you check the link now.

The beginning of hurricane season reminds us to think of others and how to offer assistance. When we find ourselves in a difficult situation, sangha friends can help us stay in the present moment. We can offer support by being present for each other. Whether it is a hurricane, tornado, or any kind of physical or mental suffering, we can offer our lovingkindness, compassion and mindfulness. 

Evelyn Haseman, Sangha Welfare Lead and Tampa Sangha member, facilitates support of FCM members experiencing life-changing events.  She can be reached at

Florida Community of Mindfulness, Tampa Center
6501 N. Nebraska Avenue
Tampa, FL 33604

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