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Unfettering the Natural Mind: The Path of Clear Seeing - Wisdom Retreat for FCM Members

  • 29 May 2021
  • 7:00 PM
  • 05 Jun 2021
  • 12:00 PM
  • FCM, 6501 N. Nebraska Avenue, Tampa, FL 33604
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  • One person per room

Registration is closed

A Seven-Day Wisdom Retreat for FCM Members with Fred

Since the time of the Buddha, countless teachers have pointed out the innate simplicity and spontaneous wisdom of our true mind. Unfettered by conditioning and emotional reactivity, this mind has the capacity to guide and support us spontaneously in living an awakened life. Using meditative texts from the Great Perfection and Zen/Chan Mahayana Buddhist traditions, Fred will guide participants into the world of the Buddha Mind and show how to integrate this understanding into all circumstances of daily life. Directly experiencing the mind and all the things that appear in it (especially the self!) as empty of any substance or solidity allows one to break through into the totally open and spacious mind nature. This is the basis of true transformation.


The retreat will include four Practice Sessions daily that will include silent and guided meditation, Dharma talks and instructions, meetings with Fred, opportunities for Q&A, group sharing, work meditation, along with time for meals & rest, outdoor walking, and time for personal practice. 


This retreat is appropriate for those FCM members who have previously participated in a Wisdom Path Intensive or retreat, or for those who are walking the Dharma Path and feel ready for a deeper exploration of the nature of mind through meditation. For more information on our Three Paths of Practice (Mindful Living, Dharma, and Wisdom Paths) see our website.  


At this point in time, our expectation is that by May 29th Great Cloud Refuge will be completed and ready to receive retreat residents and that anyone attending with be fully vaccinated by then. This will be our first retreat utilizing Great Cloud Refuge and we hope that all attendees will be enthusiast about being on our "shakedown cruise". Based on current CDC guidelines and our capacity in the Meditation Hall, dining hall and Great Cloud residence, we are able to accommodate up to 30 participants for this retreat. With current covid protocols, we will have only one person assigned per bedroom (but may permit sharing when safety guidelines at the time are met) so the number of individuals sleeping at Great Cloud, Lambright House, Empty Cloud (at Fred and Angie's) will likely be closer to twenty, with the remaining participants returning to their homes to sleep at night. With our infectious disease consultants, we are continuing to carefully monitor the situation and will keep all participants abreast of current development.  

Please register now assuming you will be staying in a single room on the premises. The retreat registration fee for residential participation is $560 (this fee will be adjusted for any participants who will attend on a non-residential basis due to space constraints and safety protocols). The fee covers administrative, facility, food and incidental expenses connected to the retreat.

Depending on the number of registrants and developments with COVID and Great Cloud, the logistics may change. We will respond accordingly and keep everyone who is registered informed of any changes. Your registration will be fully cancellable without penalty up to May 21.

The retreat fee does not include any offerings to the teacher. Participants will have an opportunity to make an offering for the teachings at the conclusion of the retreat. Retreat Scholarships are available. Please click here to see FCMs Retreat Scholarship Policy and for an application, which needs to be submitted prior to the registration deadline for this retreat which is April 30.

The retreat formally begins on Saturday evening, May 29 at 7:00 pm and ends on Saturday, June 5 at noon. We ask that all participants plan to participate in the entire retreat. 


The last day to register for the retreat is April 30th.

*Please note that your registration does not guarantee acceptance into the retreat. Once registration has closed, all who registered will be considered for acceptance into the retreat. You will be notified if you have been accepted into the retreat within a few days of the closing of registration.

Safety Information and Release

We care deeply about your well being and want to ensure you are able to fully participate in this Event and maximize this opportunity to enrich your practice. We want to ensure you are aware and understand that this Event may include activities that may impose a risk to you, which include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Physical activities such as yoga or other movement activities
  • Outdoor walking or other activities
  • Experiencing emotional states that may be uncomfortable or unfamiliar.
Please reflect on whether you understand this and are really able to participate in this Event.

Please understand that by registering for this Event, you are participating with the full knowledge and acceptance of the potential risks involved from participating in these activities. You also release FCM and its representatives from all actions, claims or demands that you, your assignees, heirs and legal representatives now have or may hereafter have for injury or damages resulting from your participation in this Event.

Please be aware that we may record or broadcast, or take pictures during this Event. By registering, you grant FCM permission to use your likeness in any and all of its publications if such photographs and/or videos are taken, including website entries and social media platforms and that these materials are the property of FCM

Florida Community of Mindfulness, Tampa Center
6501 N. Nebraska Avenue
Tampa, FL 33604

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