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FCM Member Aspiration & Intention Buddy Program

  • 17 Jan 2021
  • Online


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January 17 - February 28

At FCM our tradition each year is to envision and write down a list of aspirations/intentions to help guide our lives and practices for the coming year. Many of us did just that at our Beginning Anew Ceremony on January 1. Our aspirations and intentions help provide inspiration and direction for our lives. 

One of the key aspects for successful realization of our aspirations and intentions involves sharing them with others and enlisting their support.  That s why our teacher, Fred, has asked us, to buddy-up” with each other over the next 4-6 weeks in order give an added boost to our intentions for the coming year. The first month or so is a crucial period of time if we seek to implement changes in the way we think, act, and behave. Therefore, having someone to check in with daily for just a few minutes around our specific change goals will help provide accountability and help us produce a better outcome.

If you would like to participate, we will be help you pair up with another FCM member. Please register for our Aspiration & Intention Buddy Program. Once registration is complete we will send you the name and email of your buddy. Even if you already have a friend or partner to support and share your aspirations with, this is an opportunity to reach out and connect with someone else.

Once you have received the name of your Aspiration & Intention Buddy, please contact them, and share your aspirations, intentions, and goals in a way that is concrete and measurable. A few examples:

  • My aspiration is to be open hearted to all beings. Today, I will call my friend and offer to pick up groceries. Or… Today, I will make a donation to a local food bank or a disaster relief organization. Or…Today, I will make a point of smiling and saying hello to everyone that I encounter on my walk and when I go to the store. Or…Today my intention is to be more patient and kind, especially when I speak to others on the phone on help lines and with regard to appointments. Or…

  • My aspiration and intention is to be more mindful and aware in my daily life. Today, I will stop and eat lunch slowly and mindfully. I will also stop at least three times during my work day and look out of the window at the sky. Whenever I take off my shoes, I will place them straight and consciously by the door. Or…

  • My aspiration is to awaken for the benefit of all beings. Today my intention is to be patient and understanding. I will take care of any anger or irritation when it arises by breathing consciously until it subsides and not complaining to my partner. Today I will meditate for 30 minutes, and read Matthiew Ricard’s book, Happiness for 20 minutes.

Then daily, update your buddy on your successes, challenges, and let them know about any new goals and intentions.  You can use whatever media you choose--phone, texts, emails, mail. Be creative and provide each other encouragement and support, but we’re talking only about a daily check-in that’s only for a few minutes. Hopefully, the accountability will make the difference between failure and success in our facilitating the changes we wish to make in our life.

Registration will be open until January 13. Of course, there is no fee.

If you have any questions, please contact Dona Menz at .


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