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FCM Non-Residential Retreat | The Fundamentals: The Four Seals of Buddhism

  • 24 Oct 2019
  • 6:00 PM
  • 28 Oct 2019
  • 1:00 PM
  • Non-residential Retreat at Tampa Center, 6501 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33604


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Florida Community of Mindfulness

The Fundamentals: The Four Seals of Buddhism

A Non-residential Retreat at the Tampa Center

October 24-28, 2019

The Four Seals are what the Buddha taught to help people clearly understand the fundamental characteristics that ‘stamp’ all human experience. They are the Buddha’s understanding of reality and thus can be confirmed through our own experience. Through analytical introspection and direct observation, the essential truths of reality can be clearly seen by anyone who contemplates these Four Seals. This facilitates the birth of true wisdom so that we can live with greater discernment, intelligence and an enhanced ability to make wise decisions and choices in our life.

The Four Seals are impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, non-self, and nirvana or true peace. During this four-day non-residential retreat, Fred will offer talks, guided meditations, and direct meditative experience to help participants develop a clarity of view that supports a strong personal capacity for wise action in all aspects of one’s life. This retreat is open to all members of the Florida Community of Mindfulness irrespective of their length of membership.


Please note that this retreat is NON-RESIDENTIAL, which means that we will be together for most waking hours of the day, but after evening meditation each night everyone will return to their own home (or to the place where you are staying). Out-of-town members are invited to make their own arrangements for accommodations either at the home of sangha friends or hotels. Our FCM Member Bed and Breakfast program will find lodgings for any out-of-town members in need of help.

The retreat registration fee is $200.* The fee covers three vegan meals daily, as well as administrative, facility, and incidental expenses connected to the retreat, but does not include any offerings to the teacher. Participants will have an opportunity to make an offering for the teachings at the conclusion of the retreat. A limited number of Retreat Scholarships may be available. Please click here to see FCMs Retreat Scholarship Policy and for an Application, which must be submitted prior to the registration deadline for this retreat. 

The retreat begins with dinner on Thursday, October 24, and ends after lunch on Monday, October 28. We ask that all participants attend the entire time of the retreat (6 to 9 pm Thursday; 6:30 am to 9:00 pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday; and 6:30 am to 1 pm Monday); if you cannot be fully present for all of these days and times, please do not register. No late arrivals or early departures are permitted, as they significantly interfere with the process of retreat for everyone. 

The last day to register for the retreat is September 16. 

Please note that your registration does not guarantee acceptance into the retreat. Once registration has closed, all members who registered by the posted cut off date will be considered for acceptance into the retreat based on creating a balance between newer members and longer term ones; between those whove gone to several or many retreats in the past year and those who havent; between those that live in the Tampa Bay area and those that live in other placesRegistrants will receive an email stating either acceptance into the retreat or placement on the waiting list within a few days of the closing of registration.

The retreat registrar will be sending additional information to accepted registrants before the retreat begins.

Safety Information and Release

We care deeply about your well being and want to ensure you are able to fully participate in this Event and maximize this opportunity to enrich your practice. We want to ensure you are aware and understand that this Event may include activities that may impose a risk to you, which include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Physical activities such as yoga or other movement activities
  • Outdoor walking or other activities
  • Experiencing emotional states that may be uncomfortable or unfamiliar.
Please reflect on whether you understand this and are really able to participate in this Event.

Please understand that by registering for this Event, you are participating with the full knowledge and acceptance of the potential risks involved from participating in these activities. You also release FCM and its representatives from all actions, claims or demands that you, your assignees, heirs and legal representatives now have or may hereafter have for injury or damages resulting from your participation in this Event.

Please be aware that we may record or broadcast, or take pictures during this Event. By registering, you grant FCM permission to use your likeness in any and all of its publications if such photographs and/or videos are taken, including website entries and social media platforms and that these materials are the property of FCM

Please note that participation in this retreat is open only to members of the Florida Community of Mindfulness. Other retreats and activities are offered to nonmembers as well, so please check our calendar for more information.

Florida Community of Mindfulness, Tampa Center
6501 N. Nebraska Avenue
Tampa, FL 33604

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