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FCM Residential Retreat Template

  • 30 Aug 2019
  • 6:00 PM
  • 02 Sep 2019
  • 1:00 PM
  • 6501 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33604



Florida Community of Mindfulness

(Date and Year of Retreat)

(Retreat Title)

Retreat description .....


The retreat registration fee is $___ for FCM members*. The fee covers both room and board (three vegan meals daily), as well as any administrative and incidental expenses connected to the retreat but does not include any offerings to the teacher. Participants will have an opportunity to make an offering for the teachings at the conclusion of the retreat. A limited number of Retreat Scholarships may be available. Please click here to see FCMs Retreat Scholarship Policy and for an Application, which must be submitted prior to the registration deadline for this retreat. 

The retreat begins with dinner on (day, date), and ends after lunch on (day, date). We ask that all participants attend the entire time of the retreat; if you cannot arrive by 6 pm on (date) and stay until lunch on (date) please do not register. No late arrivals or early departures are permitted, as they significantly interfere with the process of retreat for everyone. The last day to register for the retreat is _______. 

Please note that your registration does not guarantee acceptance into the retreat. Once registration has closed, all members who registered by the posted cut off date will be considered for acceptance into the retreat based on creating a balance between newer members and longer term ones; between those whove gone to several or many retreats in the past year and those who havent; between those that live in the Tampa Bay area and those that live in other placesRegistrants will receive an email stating either acceptance into the retreat or placement on the waiting list within a few days of the closing of registration.

The retreat registrar will be sending additional information to accepted registrants before the retreat begins, including directions to the Franciscan Center and other retreat information.

*Please note that participation in this retreat is open only to members of the Florida Community of Mindfulness. Other retreats and activities are offered to nonmembers as well, so please check our calendar for more information.

Retreat Renunciation and Simplicity

The Florida Community of Mindfulness is happy to welcome you to our retreat center. Retreats offer the opportunity to quiet the mind and open the heart while abiding in the silence of a sacred meditation space. The container of retreat helps to develop the qualities that are innate in each of us: patience, generosity, diligence, steadiness, loving kindness and wisdom. Our retreat center is designed to provide comfortable and suitable conditions for nurturing these qualities. It is also a Zen center, so when attending a retreat we ask that you arrive with a spirit of renunciation and simplicity. To foster this spirit, we ask retreatants to undertake the following traditional practices:

  1. Taking any residence - Traditionally, in a Zen monastery, one takes whatever hut is offered. FCM has accommodations of double and several quad rooms, and we ask retreatants to take the accommodation assigned and practice with whatever situation they find themselves in.
  2. Taking the food that is offered - The cooks mindfully prepare simple, tasty and nutritious vegan food. If you cannot eat wheat, tofu or nuts, an alternative is provided. Except for serious medical needs (speak to the cooks), the retreat practice is to take the food that is offered.
  3. Noble silence - In nurturing the container of transformation, retreatants commit to the practice of Noble Silence. This is especially important in your commitment to no talking or other communication between retreatants, no email, no cell phones, no computers, and no calls except for emergencies (check with the teacher or retreat manager). There will be talking during Dharma talks, interviews, and question periods.
  4. Selfless service - To learn the art of mindful living and to work together to support the retreat experience, all retreatants are given a daily period of simple work meditation. You will sign up for a work meditation task when you arrive at retreat. Your service in the kitchen, cleaning, housekeeping or other is an important part of the training in mindfulness, generosity, and letting go of preferences.

By coming to a retreat, you join us in undertaking these practices of renunciation and simplicity. FCM retreats are run primarily by volunteer staff and Dharma teachers who hope to serve you as best they can. We are very happy to share this valuable meditation retreat experience with you, and thank you for your participation and sincerity.

With gratitude,

The Florida Community of Mindfulness Teachers and Staff

FCM Meditation & Education Center - 6501 N. Nebraska Avenue - Tampa, FL 33604
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