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Dharma Talks: Q&As

Dharma Teacher Fred Eppsteiner

Recognizing that the meditation and practices FCM offers to students are in support of their personal transformation, Dharma teacher Fred Eppsteiner begins most sessions at weekly Sangha and Days of Mindfulness answering students' questions about their Dharma practice and the integration of that practice into their lives. The many Q&A recordings here consist of questions that Fred is asked during Dharma talks and his responses. In some cases, the audio of the questions has been replaced with a brief silence as typically it is not audible. Fred repeats the question before he answers it.

May these Q&As be of benefit to yourself and others!

Q&As From Weekly Sanghas and Days of  Mindfulness

How do you want to be? What is the equality complex? How does one develop confidence? (April 2016)  Audio | Video
Does This Path Work? (Feb. 2016)  Audio | Video 
How Does Transforming Oneself Fit in With Helping Others? (Feb. 2016) Audio | Video
What is a comfort zone? (Feb 2016)  Audio | Video
Can everyone awaken? ;   How do you bring the practice to to do lists? (Feb. 2016)    Audio | Video
What is the significance of the Bell; Is there room for questioning the teachings in Buddhism; What is the Gatekeeper? (Feb. 2016) Audio | Video
Avoiding Despair, Intuitive vs Intellectual Insight  Audio | Video
How Much Time Should One Dedicate to Meditation Each Day?  Audio | Video
Dealing with the Self Mar 2013 Audio
Mindfulness and Religion Sep 2012 Audio
Training the Mind Sep 2012 Audio
Action and Intention Sep 2012 Audio
Reasons to Practice Sep 2012 Audio
Intention and Practice Aug 2012 Audio
Difficult Emotions Aug 2012 Audio
Intention in Meditation Aug 2012 Audio
Reincarnation and Karma Aug 2012 Audio
Egocentricity Aug 2012 Audio
Practice and Thoughts Aug 2012 Audio
Anger Jul 2012 Audio
Doubt and Suffering Jun 2012 Audio

Pondering Ourselves and Others Oct 2011 Audio

Karma and Bodhichitta Oct 2011 Audio

Metta Meditation and Q&A Mar 2011 Audio

Lovingkindness Sep 2009

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