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The Mindfulness Institute         Upcoming Programs

Mindfulness: The Foundation of Wellbeing

Mindfulness is the practice of touching life deeply in every moment. When we are listening to a friend, we stop judging, comparing or fixing, and simply listen. When cooking, we relax and enjoy chopping vegetables instead of thinking about our to do list. When participating in a meeting, we engage with a clear and creative mind, unclouded by opinions and past perceptions.

By cultivating mindfulness we learn that true happiness is found through our direct experience of life, rather than living in our regrets about the past or fears about the future.

Increased mindfulness has been shown to develop our capacity to be present to our lives in ways that: 

  • Increase wellbeing, balance, flexibility and composure 
  • Deepen creativity and insight 
  • Strengthen and enhance collaborative relationships 
  • Boost attention and concentration 
  • Develop patience, tolerance and understanding 
  • Improve motivation and morale
  • Reduce personal stress/pressure 
  • Empower action
The Mindfulness Institute (MI) of the Florida Community of Mindfulness is dedicated to helping individuals develop these capacities and to achieve greater balance, clarity, and fulfillment in their lives. It offers a wide range of workshops and programs to help you apply mindfulness to daily life. Guided by Mindfulness Institute Director Nancy Natilson and an experienced and diverse Advisory Council and Steering Committee, the Mindfulness Institute focuses on the skills and competencies needed for mindful living and offers teachings and practices that promote personal transformation, wellbeing and conscious living. The Mindfulness Institute offers courses in mindful living skills that are helpful to all of us, regardless of our religious affiliation or cultural background.

Foundations of Mindfulness Series

The Mindfulness Institute offers a Foundations of Mindfulness Series designed to help participants learn and integrate mindfulness for greater wellbeing in their lives. These Foundation programs range from introductory mindfulness and meditation workshops to specialized topics such as mindfulness and relationships, stress reduction, working with difficult emotions, and changing negative habits. 

Our Foundations of Mindfulness Series includes: (please click links for more information). 

Additional classes and workshops are offered throughout the year to help integrate mindfulness into other areas of our lives, such as mindful consumption and sustainable living, financial wellbeing, and a mindful approach to health. Please check our Upcoming Events for a calendar of upcoming classes.

Training for Professionals and Organizations

The Mindfulness Institute offers Continuing Education Credits for Florida Licensed Mental Health Professionals, Psychologists, and Educators.  These programs are designed to help professionals:
  1. integrate mindfulness into their own lives so they are able to enjoy increased levels of stability and wellbeing; and
  2. learn how to introduce simple, research-based practices to clients/students so they can readily calm down, focus, ease distressing feelings and maintain higher levels of mental health. 
The Mindfulness Institute benefits organizations by introducing simple, practical mindfulness practices to enhance effectiveness in working with pressure and in building and strengthening collaborative relationships.

Please contact us at info@floridamindfulness.org to discuss special programs for your organization or community.

All Instructors of Mindfulness Institute programs have solid, grounded meditation and mindfulness practices and direct personal experience with the subject matter they are presenting, having used and practiced the methods in their own lives. Instructors are familiar with current research and best practices relevant to the material they are presenting. MI Instructors have experience applying mindfulness practices in a wide range of organizational backgrounds, including law, finance, education, mental health, health care and non-profit management. The professional credentials and experience of our Instructors range from mental health to medical to corporate/organizational training, and more.  Click here to learn more about the Mindfulness Institute instructors.

The Mindfulness Institute is based at FCM’s Practice Center in Tampa and most classes and workshops take place on site. Workshops are also offered in Naples several times a year. We can also offer trainings at your organization's place of business.

Classes and workshops are offered on a fee basis, however arrangements for reduced fees are available. CEs for mental health professionals and psychologists are available for many classes and workshops for an additional fee.

For further information about Mindfulness Institute programs and to register for an event, please visit the Mindfulness Institute Calendar.  Please also see the Mindfulness Institute Registration and Fee Policies for important information, or contact us at midirector@floridamindfulness.org.

FCM Meditation & Education Center - 6501 N. Nebraska Avenue - Tampa, FL 33604
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