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Broadening Opportunities to Heal and Transform with the Addition of Our New Residential Center

It is with great enthusiasm that we share with the community our plans to create Great Cloud Refuge -- a new residential retreat center to be constructed on the grounds of the Nebraska Avenue Practice Center in Tampa.

Let us start by saying this is not solely about expanding our campus or building a beautiful new building. This project’s true purpose is to significantly broaden the opportunities to learn and cultivate those Dharma practices that facilitate healing and transformation in our daily life. We think you’ll agree that our ability to do this -- to stay stable and solid in the winds of life’s challenges and to liberate ourselves from the afflictive mind -- has never been more important. Inspired by the Buddhist practice of boundless generosity, we want to extend this opportunity for liberation to the many others who can benefit from transformative retreats that will nurture a daily life that is grounded in ease and happiness and that contributes to others. Please click here to hear our teacher Fred speak about his vision for retreats at the Practice Center and here for a Q&A with Fred.

Envisioning Great Cloud Refuge

We envision Great Cloud Refuge as providing the capacity to offer sleeping accommodations for up to 36 retreatants for a whole range of Dharma activities and study currently limited by our access to outside facilities. Some examples of what Great Cloud Refuge would make possible are:
  • A larger number of 2-, 3-, and 4-day retreats;
  • Individual retreats to explore specific areas of healing and transformation under the guidance of a teacher/mentor;
  • Accommodations for visiting teachers who can offer teachings at the Center;
  • A wide range of mindful living weekend course offerings, e.g. transforming relationships, working with emotions, mindful parenting, mindful leadership, etc., that would appeal to both Buddhist practitioners and the general public, and would contribute to the happiness and well-being of our broader Florida community.

…and other purposes yet to be envisioned.

Informed by the advice of architects, construction experts, and experienced retreat facility managers, we have undertaken a thorough process of assessing how the space can be used to maximum advantage, serving the sangha’s needs for years to come. Please enjoy studying the attached floor plans “hot off the press” from the architect. He is suggesting utilizing maximum city-approved space of 4,000 square feet. The Board has approved moving forward with design, permitting, and bids for the expanded space which would best accomplish optimal retreat capacity.


Giving the Gift of Dharma by Supporting the Creation of Great Cloud Refuge

What greater gift can we give to ourselves, the world, and generations to come than the Dharma, with its capacity to transform suffering at the base and bring true happiness into the world! A sangha Capital Campaign Committee, working with the FCM Board of Directors, is leading an effort to raise the needed funds to fulfill our vision of offering retreat space to all who desire transformation.

Please click here for more information about supporting the creation of Great Cloud Refuge.

FCM Meditation & Education Center - 6501 N. Nebraska Avenue - Tampa, FL 33604
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