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Paths of Awakening

Our teacher Fred Eppsteiner has created  a developmental model, outlined in the Florida Community of Mindfulness Study and Practice Guide, for healing, transformation and awakening. In support of this model, FCM offers annual six to eight month communal journeys that are called "Paths of Awakening". These thematic journeys explore specific aspects of the Buddha's Way, which our entire sangha, in all centers, may collectively undertake. 

The First Path of Awakening was on the theme of Letting Go of Self-Centered Living - the Path of Selflessness. The Second Path of Awakening, entitled The Key Point of Practice: Mastering the Fundamentals, begins in October 2013 and continues through May 2014. 

We invite everyone who practices with the FCM to join us during our current Path of Awakening. 

How to Participate

Our journey together will involve teachings, meditations, structured practice opportunities, and daily life practice related to mastering the fundamentals. Both members and non-members are invited to participate through attendance at weekly Sangha and Days of Mindfulness. Members may also elect to participate in Retreats and Intensives. More information about each of these practice opportunities can be found using the links below.
  • Sangha Weekly teachings and meditations will be offered in Tampa, Naples and St. Petersburg. Other centers will offer similar talks and congruent dharma discussions.
  • Days (or Half Days) of Mindfulness will be offered monthly in Tampa and Naples. All are welcome to attend.
  • Retreats will be offered in October 2013, January, and April 2014 (Because of space limitations priority for registration is given to practicing members; please visit our membership page to learn how to become a FCM member.)
  • An “Intensive” study and practice session will begin in October 2013 and run through December 2013, with a second Intensive beginning in February 2014 and concluding in May 2014. FCM membership is again required to participate in this intensive.
  • FCM Mindfulness Institute Classes and Workshops are offered in support of the current Path of Awakening.

How to Apply the Teachings

We support integration of the teachings and meditations into your daily life practice by:

  • Encouraging members and friends of FCM to focus on living all aspects of their personal lives in greater mindfulness, while relying more strongly on the principles of Dharma, i.e., generating greater lovingkindness, compassion, basic intelligence and insight. 
  • Providing opportunities to hear from others and share your insights and experiences of practicing the teachings from the preceding week(s) during weekly sangha, days of mindfulness, and intensive group meetings.
  • Participating in The Mindfulness Institute workshops that support our transformation in specific areas, such as cultivating mindful relationships, working with emotional afflictions, developing patterns of mindful consumption, understanding our minds, and similar topics.

FCM Meditation & Education Center - 6501 N. Nebraska Avenue - Tampa, FL 33604
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